USS Glacier

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USS Glacier may refer to:

  • USS Glacier (AF-4), launched as SS Port Chalmers 22.7.1891; purchased, commissioned, renamed Delmonico in 1898 and then Glacier in the same year ; decommissioned and sold in 1922
  • USS Glacier (CVE-33), a Prince William-class escort carrier, LR number: 6115266 launched in 1942; transferred to the Royal Navy in 1943 and served during World War II as HMS Atheling; struck in 1947
  • USS Glacier (AK-183), an Alamosa-class cargo ship, LR number: 5401156, launched in 1944 and struck in 1946
  • USS Glacier (AGB-4), later (WAGB 4), an icebreaker of unique design, LR number: 6123672, launched in 1954 and struck in 1966