USS Grand Rapids (PG-98)

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USS Grand Rapids (PG-98).jpg
United States
Name: USS Grand Rapids (PG-98)
Builder: Tacoma Boatbuilding Company
Launched: 4 April 1970
Commissioned: 5 September 1970
Decommissioned: 1 October 1977
Fate: Transferred to Naval Sea Systems Command as R/V Athena II
Status: unknown
General characteristics
Class and type: Asheville-class gunboat
Displacement: 245 tons
Length: 164 ft 6 in
Beam: 23 ft 11 in
Draft: 5 ft 4 in
Speed: 40 kts
Complement: 24

The second USS Grand Rapids (PGM-98/PG-98) was a Asheville-class gunboat in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War.

On 13 June 1968, the Tacoma Boatbuilding Company, Tacoma, Washington laid down Grand Rapids, the eleventh Asheville-class gunboat built by Tacoma. In August 1968, however, the Tacoma shipyard suffered a severe fire that destroyed the under construction Grand Rapids (together with sister ship Benicia). A new Grand Rapids, with the same hull number, was laid down again by Tacoma Boat 20 May 1969, launched on 20 December 1969 and commissioned on 5 September 1970.[1][2]

Grand Rapids was homeported in San Diego and later Naples, Italy,[3]

Grand Rapids was decommissioned on 1 October 1977 and transferred to the Naval Sea Systems Command where she was renamed Research Vessel Athena II.[4]


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