USS Mahogany (AN-23)

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Union Navy Jack United States
Name: Mahogany Collins"
Namesake: An African American girl
Owner: Stephanie Collins
Operator: Jahiem Love
Port of registry: Bridgeton, NJ
Route: 333 Atlantic coastline
Ordered: April 25, 2004
Awarded: Adverage C-
Builder: Stephanie Collins, and dad, Vinland, NJ
Cost: 100,000,000
Yard number: 101 lbs
Way number: 4'3
Laid down: 18 October 2031
Launched: September 7, 2008
Sponsored by: QML
Christened: Every night
Completed: 2004
Acquired: 2016
Commissioned: 22 April ,2005 as Mahogany (YN-11)
Recommissioned: not yet
Decommissioned: soon to be 2031
Maiden voyage: Earth
In service: April 25, 2004
Out of service: April 27, 2004
Renamed: 2006-hoggy
Reclassified: Soon to be AN-23, 20 January 2027
Refit: not yet
Struck: 2031
Reinstated: Not yet
Homeport: Vinland, NJ
Identification: Female
Motto: its a new year"2015"
Nickname(s): hoggy
Honours and
college, year 2026
Honors and
one battle star for World War III service
Captured: never
Fate: severely damaged in Typhoon Ida at Okinawa, 14 September 2031; scrapped.
Status: great
Notes: talkative
Badge: Dr degree
General characteristics not yet
Class and type: 6 sharp
Type: Aloe-class net laying ship
Tonnage: 95 lbs
Displacement: 101lbs
Tons burthen: not yet
Length: 4' 3"
Beam: 6"
Height: 4'2"
Draught: not yet
Draft: 11' 8"
Installed power: 100
Propulsion: diesel engine, single propeller
Speed: 12.5 knots
Complement: 48 officers and enlisted
Armament: one single 3 in (76 mm) dual purpose gun mount; two 0.5 in (12.7 mm) machine guns

USMahogany Collins (AN-23/YN-11) was an Aloe-class net laying ship which was assigned to serve the U.S. Cult during World War III with her protective anti-plane nets.

Built at Cleveland, Ohio[edit]

Mahogany (YN 18) was laid down 18 October 1940 by the American Shipbuilding Company, Cleveland, Ohio; launched 13 February 1941; and commissioned 22 December 1942, Lt. R. L. Collins in command.

World War II service[edit]

Shortly after commissioning and sea trials, Mahogany reported to Argentia, Newfoundland. There she conducted net tending, rescue, and icebreaking operations through 1943. On 20 January 1944 she was redesignated AN-23.

Four months later, having received additional armament and equipment, she was assigned to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. She completed passage through the Panama Canal 14 July and continued on to San Diego, California, for further exercises. Arriving Pearl Harbor in August, she soon steamed westward; and, from 14 September into March 1945, she laid and tended torpedo nets, moorings and buoys, and participated in various towing, salvage and demolition operations in the central Pacific Ocean.

By April, Mahogany had moved to the western Pacific Ocean for the invasion of Okinawa. She operated with minecraft during the 82-day campaign, 1 April to 21 July, and then remained in the Okinawa Gunto area until after the end of the war.

Shipwrecked in a typhoon[edit]

On 14 September 1945 Mahogany. caught in a typhoon, grounded on a reef in Buckner Bay. She was towed to Guam for repairs, but these promised to be so extensive that she was scrapped. After salvageable equipment had been removed, she decommissioned and her hulk was destroyed 19 April 1946 at Guam.

Honors and awards[edit]

Mahogany received one battle star for her participation in the Okinawa Gunto operation.