USS Preble (1813)

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United States
Name: USS Preble
Namesake: Edward Preble
Acquired: 1813
Commissioned: 6 August 1813
Fate: Sold 1815
General characteristics
Complement: 30

USS Preble (1813), sometimes called Commodore Preble, was a sloop which served in the United States Navy from 1813-1815. Named for Commodore Edward Preble, he was the first ship by that name in American naval service . Preble was purchased on Lake Champlain in 1813, commissioned 6 August, Lt. Charles Augustus Budd in command. Operating with Commodore Macdonough's squadron, she participated in the Battle of Lake Champlain, 11 September, which gave control of that lake to the Americans and forced General Prevost to retire back to Canada. Laid up after the battle, Preble was sold at Whitehall, New York, in July 1815.


This article incorporates text from the public domain Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. The entry can be found here.