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This article is about Ultralight Soaring Aviation, LLC. For the general topic, see Aviation in the United States.
US Aviation
Limited liability company
Industry Aerospace
Fate Ceased operations
Founded 1970s
Defunct circa 2008
Headquarters St Paul, Minnesota, United States
Key people
Klaus Hill
Larry Hall
Products Gliders, motor gliders, ultralight aircraft

US Aviation (Full name: Ultralight Soaring Aviation LLC) was an American aircraft manufacturer, started by Klaus Hill and Larry Hall in the 1970s initially to build their Super Floater ultralight glider design. The company later marketed the Cumulus ultralight motor glider and the CAVU ultralight.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

After becoming dormant in the 1980s the company was resurrected in 1995 to market a redesigned Super Floater that was produced by the Wind Walker Aircraft Co of Salt Lake City, Utah and the Cumulus motorglider, which first flew the same year and was manufactured by AeroDreams.[2]

Reported as still in business in December 2007, the company no longer existed in 2011.[4]


Aircraft built by US Aviation
Model name First flight Number built Type
US Aviation Super Floater 1970s Ultralight glider
US Aviation Cloud Dancer 1983 Ultralight motorglider
US Aviation Cumulus 1995 Ultralight motorglider
US Aviation CAVU 1997 Ultralight aircraft


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