The Comedy Festival

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The Comedy Festival
Genre Comedy festival
Location(s) Las Vegas Valley, Nevada
Founded 1985

The Comedy Festival, formerly known as the US Comedy Arts Festival, is a comedy festival held each year in Las Vegas Valley, Nevada. From its 1985 inception to 2008, it was held annually at the Wheeler Opera House and other venues in Aspen, Colorado. Comedian Joe Rogan say's the festival's location at the time was for the "Executives to ski". The primary sponsor of the festival was HBO, with co-sponsorship by Caesars Palace (the primary venue), TBS, GEICO Insurance, Twix candy bars and Smirnoff Vodka. HBO exited the festival business in 2007 and TBS became the primary sponsor.

The festival includes stand-up comedy performances, appearances by the casts of television shows, and has a film component called the Film Discovery Program.[1]


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