U.S. Retrace

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U.S. Retrace
US Retrace The Creatures.jpeg
Compilation album by The Creatures
Released 9 May 2000
Genre Alternative
Label Sioux Records, Instinct Records
The Creatures chronology
Anima Animus
U.S. Retrace

U.S. Retrace is a compilation album by the British act the Creatures aka singer Siouxsie and musician Budgie. It collected out-of-print material from several CD singles as well as the 1998 Eraser Cut EP.

"All She Could Ask For" first appeared on promotional cassettes of Anima Animus as the closing track of the album, but was not included in the final track listing when the record was released. The band, however, decided to open all of their 1999 concerts by performing this atmospheric number.

U.S. Retrace was only intended as a US CD release, as Instinct Records had not made any CD singles available in that country. The title is an anagram of the name of the group.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Pinned Down (from the Eraser Cut EP)
  2. Guillotine (from the Eraser Cut EP)
  3. Turn It On (Bound 'N' Gagged Mix) (from the "2nd Floor" CD single)
  4. All She Could Ask For (from the "Say" CD single)
  5. Broken (from the "Say" CD single)
  6. Turn It On (Emperor Sly's Elemental Mix) (from the "Prettiest Thing" CD single)
  7. Thank You (from the Eraser Cut EP)
  8. Slipping Away (from the Eraser Cut EP)