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US Sailing
US Sailing Logo.png
Founded October 30, 1897
  • PO Box 1260
    15 Maritime Drive
    Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871-0907

The United States Sailing Association, better known as US Sailing, is the governing body for the sport of sailing in the United States, particularly yacht, dinghy, windsurfing, and radio sailing racing. US Sailing is a "Member National Authority" of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).[1]

US Sailing is responsible for selection and training of the US Sailing Team representing the United States in the Olympic Games.


The objectives of US Sailing are to

  • Provide leadership, integrity and advancement for the sport of sailing.[2]
  • Be the recognized leader in training and certification, in support for the racing sailor and in facilitating access to sailing.[2]
  • Promote the participation, education, opportunity and safety of sailing.[2]
  • Raise standards and expand competitive sailing in the U.S.[2]
  • Achieve success at highest levels of international competition.[2]
  • Strengthen governance and organizational efficiency.[2]


October 30, 1897: The North American Yacht Racing Union (NAYRU) was organized.

The Sears Cup has been awarded by US Sailing annually for the Chubb U.S. Junior Triplehanded Sailing Championship since 1921. The Mrs. Charles Francis Adams Trophy has been awarded annually by US Sailing for the U.S. Women’s Sailing Championship since 1924. Neither US Sailing events were sailed during the World War II years 1942-45.

1931: Canada, which was originally part of NAYRU, formed its own Canadian Yachting Association (CYA)

January 1975: NAYRU changed its name to the United States Yacht Racing Union. (USYRU)

Early 1980s: USYRU created a program to train young sailors through a network of certified instructors.

October 1991: USYRU change its name to the United States Sailing Association, Inc. and began to do business as US SAILING.

1993: US Sailing developed a comprehensive instruction program for adults to learn to sail in larger sailboats.



Individual [3]

  • Single person membership
  • Valid for US Sailing Certified Instructors and Coaches

Family [3]

  • One ‘primary member’ and up to six additional immediate family members
  • One member may be a US Sailing Certified Coach or Instructor

Youth [3]

  • Sailors 18 and younger
  • Not valid for US Sailing Coach and Instructor certification
  • Eligible to race in Junior Olympic Events

College [3]

  • College aged sailors
  • Valid for 4 years
  • Valid for US Sailing Certified Coaches and Instructors


Becoming a US Sailing member has many benefits. US Sailing members can maintain US Sailing Coach and Instructor certification. Members receive a copy of the latest Racing Rules of Sailing, and yearly updates to the rulebook. US Sailing eligible races and Olympic trials are available to members.[4]


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