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TD-CDMA, an acronym for Time-division-Code division multiple access, is a channel access method based on using spread spectrum multiple access (CDMA) across multiple time slots (TDMA). TD-CDMA is the channel access method for UTRA-TDD HCR, which is an acronym for UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access-Time Division Duplex High Chip Rate.[1]

Standardized implementations[edit]

TD-CDMA is used in IMT-2000's 3G air interface, defined as IMT-TD Time-Division, and is one of the three UMTS air interfaces (UTRAs), as standardized by the 3GPP in UTRA-TDD HCR. UTRA-TDD HCR is closely related to W-CDMA (UMTS), and provides the same types of channels where possible. UMTS's HSDPA/HSUPA enhancements are also implemented under TD-CDMA.[2]


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