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The University of Technology Sydney Students' Association (UTSSA)
UTS Students' Association Logo
Motto Our Voice. Our Way. Our SA.
Institution The University of Technology Sydney

Level 3, UTS Tower Building 1

Broadway BROADWAY NSW 2007
President Dean Mattar
General secretary Luke Chapman
Treasurer Brigida Johns
Affiliations National Union of Students (NUS)
Website www.sa.uts.edu.au

The University of Technology, Sydney, Students' Association is the representative body for students at the University of Technology, Sydney. It is based at the Broadway campus of UTS. It commissions the student magazine Vertigo. The Association has departments which have previously worked collaboratively with the University to achieve practical outcomes for students, as well as ensuring that the University is held to account over its handling of student issues. Historically, this has resulted in numerous successful campaigns which have won rights for students in the University.

Students from various political backgrounds and ideologies have contested control of the organisation. Prior to 2006, it was predominantly controlled by left political groupings until control shifted for several years to a coalition of Labor left and Labor right.


The executive for 2105 are:

Position Name
President Dean Mattar
Secretary Luke Chapman
Treasurer Brigida Johns



The Postgraduate department was inactive for many years, until it was relaunched as the Postgraduate Representative Union on 19/9/2014. PRU currently has its own Council of seven, and is working on a variety of issues of relevance to postgraduates at UTS, which can be read about at www.utspru.org. PRU does not have its own space.


The Wom*n's department creates a space and community for female identifying persons. This includes a Wom*n's Space at two of the Campuses: Broadway and Kuring-gai.


The Indigenous Collective is a group exclusively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The Collective meets weekly and works alongside, but independent of, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning. Founded in 2012, they do not have a space but run campaigns surrounding Indigenous issues and have been an active political and pastoral component of the Students' Association since their inception.


The Queer department runs campaigns for LGBTIQ students on campus and maintains a Queer Space at two of the Campuses - Broadway and Kuring-Gai. Campaigns include anti homophobia campaigns, student safety campaigns and collaborating with Community Action Against Homophobia on actions around equal marriage, queer refugees and police brutality and works with the Out2Party club on social events.


Affiliated to the Australian Student Environment Network, the environmental Collective is focused on green activism and campaigns like 'Flick my Switch' and 'Fossil Free University' as well as environmental campaigns off campus.

DAGs (Disability Action Group)[edit]

Opened to students who suffer physical, mental and/or emotional disability, and debatably, open to carers of people with disabilities. The group operates without a space, but co operates with many internal UTS sectors to ensure students with disabilities receive adequate support. The group also campaigns around larger abilities awareness projects.


The welfare collective is opened to all students, but has is the past been asked to be the main organising body for students from low socio-economic backgrounds. The collective aims to help students by providing food, how2life workshops, which were very successful in 2013. These workshops have covered topics like cooking 101, renting how to, and fair wage/your rights.

Past presidents[edit]

  • 1966 - N. H. Clarke
  • 1967 - N. H. Clarke
  • 1968 - Eric Mobbs
  • 1969 - Jim Kosturas
  • 1970 - J. Osbourne
  • 1971 -
  • 1972 - John Bornholt
  • 1973 - John Bornholt
  • 1974 - Joe Battaglia
  • 1975 - Chris Lee
  • 1976 - Geoff Redelman
  • 1977 - Leon Waxman
  • 1978 - Ken Street
  • 1979 - Neville Zell (Russell Tuckwell)
  • 1980 - Joe Keogh
  • 1981 - Steve Mack
  • 1982 - Steve Mack
  • 1983 - Fiona Seaton
  • 1984 - Steve Driver
  • 1985 - Russel Jacobs/Jocelyn Aldis
  • 1986 - Rob Ingui
  • 1987 - Ian Handley
  • 1988 - Steve Lewis
  • 1989 - Fey Akindoyeni
  • 1990 - Karen McGee
  • 1991 - Ben Oquist (Green UTS)
  • 1992 - Lisa Brockwell
  • 1993 - Georgina Young
  • 1994 - Peter O'Brien
  • 1995 - Cass Bennett (Left Alliance)
  • 1996 - Louise Boon-Kuo (Left Alliance)
  • 1997 - Holly Cutcher (Left Alliance)
  • 1998 - Genevieve Derwent (Left Alliance)
  • 1999 - Gabriela Zannoni (National Broad Left - Love and Rage)
  • 2000 - Ryan Heath (National Organisation of Labor Students)
  • 2001 - Jessica Gerrard (National Broad Left - Love and Rage)
  • 2002 - Ashleigh May (National Broad Left)
  • 2003 - Caroline Vu (National Broad Left)
  • 2004 - Rebekah Doran (National Broad Left)
  • 2005 - Michelle Sparks (National Broad Left)
  • 2006 - Michael Nguyen (National Labor Students)
  • 2007 - Darren Loasby (National Labor Students)
  • 2008 - Emma Lancaster (National Labor Students)
  • 2009 - Petra McNeilly Rutledge (National Labor Students)
  • 2010 - Rachael Durrant (National Labor Students)
  • 2011 - Neha Madhok (National Labor Students)
  • 2012 - Jade Tyrrell (National Labor Students)
  • 2013 - Lyndal Butler (National Labor Students)
  • 2014 - Andy Zephyr/Chris Gall (Grassroots Left)
  • 2015 - Dean Mattar (Grassroots Left / National Labor Students)
  • 2016 - Sammy Howes (Student Unity)

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