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The University of Technology Sydney Students' Association (UTSSA)
Motto Our Voice. Our Way. Our SA.
Institution The University of Technology Sydney

Level 3, UTS Tower Building 1

Broadway BROADWAY NSW 2007
President Lachlan Barker
Treasurer Mehmet Musa
Affiliations National Union of Students (NUS)
Website utsstudentsassociation.org.au

The University of Technology, Sydney, Students' Association is the representative body for students at the University of Technology, Sydney.[1] It is based at the Broadway campus of UTS. It publishes the student magazine Vertigo.[2] The association has departments which have previously worked collaboratively with the University to achieve practical outcomes for students, as well as ensuring that the University is held to account over its handling of student issues. Historically, this has resulted in numerous successful campaigns which have won rights for students in the University.


The executive for 2018 are:

Position Name
President Lachlan Barker
Education Vice President Kirra Jackson
Secretary Lachlan Wykes
Treasurer Mehmet Musa
Assistant Secretary Georgina Goddard



The Wom*n's department creates a space and community for non-male identifying members of the UTS community. There is an Autonomous Space in Haymarket Building 5


The Indigenous Collective is a group exclusively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The Collective meets weekly and works alongside, but independent of, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning. Founded in 2012, they do not have a space but run campaigns surrounding Indigenous issues and have been an active political and pastoral component of the Students' Association since their inception.


The Queer department runs campaigns for LGBTIQ students on campus, is affiliated with the Australian Queer Students’ Network and maintains a Queer Space in Building 5C. Campaigns include anti-homophobia campaigns, student safety campaigns, Pride Week, Anti Queer Youth Homelessness campaign, Gender Neutral Bathrooms campaign and works with the Out2Party club on social events. It also closely works with the University’s Equity department in scenarios when the Association does not support Queer students.

The 2018 Queer Officers are Christie Lau and Aadarsh Prasad. In their term they facilitated the collective’s move from building 1 to building 5. Despite the collective space being moved- the 2018 term was the biggest year of collective growth in modern history. The Queer Officer positions are unpaid positions- yet despite this it is notable that UTS Queer officers are the most active of all collective heads.


Affiliated to the Australian Student Environment Network, the environmental Collective is focused on green activism and campaigns like 'Flick my Switch' and 'Fossil Free University' as well as environmental campaigns off campus.

DAGs (Disability Action Group)[edit]

Opened to students who suffer physical, mental and/or emotional disability, and debatably, open to carers of people with disabilities. The group operates without a space, but cooperates with many internal UTS sectors to ensure students with disabilities receive adequate support. The group also campaigns around larger abilities awareness projects.


The welfare collective is opened to all students, but has in the past been asked to be the main organising body for students from low socio-economic backgrounds. The collective aims to help students by providing food, how2life workshops, which were very successful in 2013. These workshops have covered topics like cooking 101, renting how to, and fair wage/your rights.


The Education Collective is open to all students and is focused on campaigning around issues that affect all students on campus. This includes fighting for a better trimester system, more library hours, as well as organising the UTS continugent for the NUS Nation Day of Action


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