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Activate UTS (formerly UTS Union) is the peak service provider at the University of Technology, Sydney. It operates retail, fitness and catering services as well as Clubs and Societies, student publications and Orientation Day.


Strategic direction of Activate UTS is given by a board of thirteen directors consisting of seven students (elected by the student cohort in annual elections), two staff members (elected by the staff of the University), the CEO of Activate UTS, the Chair (appointed by the University Council), the Treasurer (appointed by the University Council) and one other director (appointed by the University Council, usually external to the University or a former student).

From the seven students elected, a President and a Vice-President is elected each year by the board. The Chair is responsible for the conduct of the board meetings.

The Presidents and Vice Presidents of Activate UTS have been:

Year President Degree Vice President Degree
2015 Stephanie Purcell B Bus / LLB (Hons I) Wilson Kwong B Arts in Communication (Public Communication)
2014 Yannick Gaechter B Bus (IT) Lloyd Wood B Bus / LLB (Hons I)
2013 Nicholas Bentley B Bus / LLB (Hons I) John Marcus B Bus / LLB; LLM
2012 James Fox B Bus (Econ) Ben Turner B Bus / LLB
2011 Laurence Wainwright B Bus (Hons) James Fox B Bus (Econ)
2010 Felicity Evans B Arts in Communication (Journalism)
2009 Rebecca Trewick B Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry)
2008 David Latham B Engineering (Electrical), Dip Eng Prac
2007 Bharti Sharma B Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry) / LLB
2006 David Barrow B Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry)
2005 Felicity McMahon B Bus / LLB
2004 Vikas Gour B Engineering / B Bus
2003 Belinda Alexander B Bus / LLB

The current CEO is Ms Elizabeth Brett.

The current Chair is Professor Robert Lynch.

The current Treasurer is Associate Professor Prabhu Sivabalan.

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