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The Gazette
Type Four times weekly student newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) The University Students' Council
Publisher The University Students' Council
Editor collective
Founded 1906
Language English

Room 263 of the University Community Centre

London, Ontario N6A 3K7
Circulation 11,000 (per issue)
Website westerngazette.ca

The Gazette is the student newspaper at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. The Gazette is the only daily student newspaper in Canada, publishing Tuesday through Friday. It is owned and published by the University Students' Council.


The Gazette began in 1906 as a hand-written literature newspaper called In Cap And Gown. The paper was not actually produced in newsprint until 1908. The Gazette adopted its current name in 1930.

The Gazette moved from weekly to twice per week in 1948, and moved to its current four-times-a-week publication schedule in 1991. The paper's large staff (three full-time supervising editors, 20 section editors and dozens of volunteers, plus a full-time advertising and composing department) makes this publication schedule possible.

Editorial Board[edit]

The editorial board is made of volunteer students and full-time staff. The Editor-in-Chief, Digital Managing Editor and Print Managing Editor are full-time salaried employees, usually recent graduates. The remaining editors are full-time students who volunteer and receive an honorarium per issue published. There are typically 22 to 24 editors in total.

Editors-in-Chief: Past and Present[edit]

  • Iain Boekhoff, 2015/16
  • Iain Boekhoff, 2014/15
  • Julian Uzielli, 2013/14
  • Gloria Dickie, 2012/13
  • Jesse Tahirali, 2011/12
  • Stuart A. Thompson, 2010/11
  • Ryan Hendrick, 2009/10
  • Ravi Amarnath, 2008/09
  • Allison Buchan-Terrell, 2007/08
  • Ian Van Den Hurk, 2006/07
  • Mark Polishuk, 2005/06
  • Megan O'Toole, 2004/05
  • Emmett Macfarlane, 2003/04
  • Chris Lackner, 2002/03
  • Aaron Wherry, 2001/02
  • Paul Mark Rendon, 2000/01
  • Sabrina Carinci, 1999/00
  • Brendan Howe, 1998/99
  • Karina Walter, 1997/98
  • Jason Menard, 1996/97
  • Gillian Livingstone, 1995/96
  • Jeremy Barker, 1994/95
  • James McCarten, 1993/94
  • Elliotte Friedman, 1992/93
  • Scott Feschuk, 1991/92
  • Scott Feschuk, 1990/91
  • Mike Martin, 1989/90
  • Scott Colby, 1988/89
  • Dave Kilgour, 1987/88
  • Graeme Hamilton, 1986/87
  • Murray Oxby, 1985/86
  • Kevin Donovan, 1984/85
  • Justin Smallbridge, 1983/84


Gazette alumni can be found working for several of Canada's major newspapers and media outlets. Notable media names include:

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