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The Gazette
Gazette wordmark-01.png
Type Online daily and weekly print student newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) The University Students' Council
Publisher The University Students' Council
Editor Amy O'Kruk (2017/18)
Founded 1906
Language English
Headquarters Room 263 of the University Community Centre
London, Ontario N6A 3K7
Circulation 10,000 (per issue)
Website westerngazette.ca

The Gazette is the student newspaper at the University of Western Ontario (Western University) in London, Ontario, Canada. The Gazette publishes online daily and in print on Tuesdays during the academic year. The Gazette is one of the largest student newspapers in Canada in terms of both circulation and size of editorial staff.[1][2]

History of the Gazette[edit]

The Gazette has its roots as a hand-written literature newspaper called In Cap And Gown, which began in 1902.[3] The paper was first produced in newsprint in November 1906 under the editorship of G. B. Cox, who had graduated earlier in 1906 and was finishing his theological course at Huron College.[3] In 1908, In Cap and Gown changed its name to the Western University Gazette.

The Gazette ceased publishing in the spring of 1916 due to World War 1 but was revived in its old form in 1919.

When Western University changed its name to the University of Western Ontario in 1923, it wasn't until November 13, 1930 that the Gazette changed its name to the University of Western Ontario Gazette. It is now known simply as The Gazette, its affiliation with Western variously recognized in its print edition as "Western University's official student newspaper," its Facebook page name as "The Western Gazette," its Twitter handle being @uwogazette and its Instagram handle being @westerngazette.

The Gazette started as monthly but in its early years appeared weekly and twice weekly.[4] It started publishing four times a week in 1991 and returned to the twice-weekly format in 2015. The change in print publication schedule was accompanied by a major digital transformation. The newspaper has moved towards a digital-first philosophy and focuses on multimedia and online-only content on a daily basis.[5] In 2017, the Gazette began printing only once a week.

The Gazette has spawned several other publications in its history. One such publication was Occidentalia, which had its roots in special convocation issues of the Gazette which included pictures of the graduating class.[6] "Oxy" as it was known became the University's year book and it provided "an interesting record of the year's activities in all Faculties and Schools."[4] Its composing and advertising staff currently produce the Westernizer daily handbook that is distributed to students at the beginning of every fall semester.[7] The Gazette editorial staff also began producing a magazine named Spotlight in 2015.[8]

About the Gazette[edit]

The paper publishes daily online, a weekly print edition and occasional magazines. Its editorial staff consists mainly of volunteers. Any student at Western is able to contribute to the paper, and the editorial staff consists mainly of former volunteers. The editor-in-chief, managing editor of design and managing editor of content are full-time salaried employees who are elected annually by the paper's staff. The remaining editors are Western students hired by the full-time staff who receive a weekly honorarium. There are typically 22 to 24 editors in total.

The paper consists of news, culture, sports and opinion sections, along with photography, video and graphics departments. Editors also produce a weekly radio show and themed podcasts.

The Gazette is owned and published by the University Students' Council (USC). The paper has editorial autonomy from the USC.[9] The paper is mainly funded by student fees, which the USC collects on its behalf. In 2017/18, the portion of the USC fee that went to the Gazette was $18.51 per student, giving the paper a budget of $550,000.[10] The long-term management of the paper is overseen by a subcommittee of the USC's board of directors. The publications committee consists of mainly professional journalists who advise the full-time staff on editorial decisions and financial management of the paper, as well as offer an intermediary between the sometimes contentious relationship between the student politicians who are reported on by the Gazette.[11]

There is an advertising and composing department consisting of four full-time staff members who are unionized USC staff. They sell ads for both print and online, compose the print edition and provide technical support.

In 2016, the Gazette incorporated Western TV, another student-run operation owned by the USC, into its operations. Western TV produces a variety of short and long videos on news, sports and life on campus.

The Gazette is one of the founding members of the National University Wire, a content sharing association of some of Canada's leading student publications.[12]

Current Editorial Staff[edit]

  • Editor-in-chief: Amy O'Kruk
  • Managing editor of content: Rita Rahmati
  • Managing editor of design: Jordan McGavin
  • News Editors: Sabrina Fracassi, Grace To, Martin Allen, Hill Du, Karolina Jalowska
  • Culture Editors: Amy Skodak, Nick Sokic, Vivian Cheng
  • Sports Editors: Mike DeBoer, Charlie O'Connor Clarke, Claire Palmer
  • Opinions Editor: Richard Joseph
  • Copy Editors: Lucas Sonke, Patty Hu
  • Photo Editors: Michael Conley, Liam McInnis, Max Mao
  • Graphics Editors: Sissi Chen, Kiija Gargarello
  • Western TV: Connor Malbeuf, Shannon Marks, Connor Clark, Lauren Coles, Josh Merifield[13]

Editors-in-Chief: Past and Present[edit]

  • Amy O'Kruk 2017/18
  • Hamza Tariq, 2016/17
  • Iain Boekhoff, 2015/16
  • Iain Boekhoff, 2014/15
  • Julian Uzielli, 2013/14
  • Gloria Dickie, 2012/13
  • Jesse Tahirali, 2011/12
  • Stuart A. Thompson, 2010/11
  • Ryan Hendrick, 2009/10
  • Ravi Amarnath, 2008/09
  • Allison Buchan-Terrell, 2007/08
  • Ian Van Den Hurk, 2006/07
  • Mark Polishuk, 2005/06
  • Megan O'Toole, 2004/05
  • Emmett Macfarlane, 2003/04
  • Chris Lackner, 2002/03
  • Aaron Wherry, 2001/02
  • Paul Mark Rendon, 2000/01
  • Sabrina Carinci, 1999/00
  • Brendan Howe, 1998/99
  • Karina Walter, 1997/98
  • Jason Menard, 1996/97
  • Gillian Livingstone, 1995/96
  • Jeremy Barker, 1994/95
  • James McCarten, 1993/94
  • Elliotte Friedman, 1992/93
  • Scott Feschuk, 1991/92
  • Scott Feschuk, 1990/91
  • Mike Martin, 1989/90
  • Scott Colby, 1988/89
  • Dave Kilgour, 1987/88
  • Graeme Hamilton, 1986/87
  • Murray Oxby, 1985/86
  • Kevin Donovan, 1984/85
  • Justin Smallbridge, 1983/84
  • Susan Delacourt, 1982/83
  • Tim O'Connor, 1981/82
  • Sam Rainboth, 1980/81
  • Karen Lewis, 1979/80
  • Paul Woods, 1978/79


Gazette alumni can be found working for Canada's major newspapers and media outlets. Notable media names include:

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