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This article is about the sports club. For the football club, see FC Universitatea Cluj.
Active and former/defunct departments of CS Universitatea Cluj-Napoca
Football pictogram.svg Handball pictogram.svg Handball pictogram.svg
Football Men's Handball Women's Handball
Rugby union pictogram.svg Basketball pictogram.svg Basketball pictogram.svg
Rugby Men's Basketball Women's Basketball
Ice hockey pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg Volleyball (indoor) pictogram.svg
Hockey Men's Volleyball Women's Volleyball
Athletics pictogram.svg Tennis pictogram.svg Judo pictogram.svg
Athletics Tennis Judo
Fencing pictogram.svg Figure skating pictogram.svg Speed skating pictogram.svg
Fencing Figure skating Speed skating
Swimming pictogram.svg Water polo pictogram.svg Alpine skiing pictogram.svg
Swimming Water polo Skiing
Weightlifting pictogram.svg
Weightlifting Mountaineering Chess

CS Universitatea Cluj-Napoca is a Romanian sports society from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Founded in September 1919 by the "Sports Society of University Students" (Romanian: Societatea Sportivă a Studenţilor Universitari). Its first chairman was Prof. Iuliu Haţieganu, famous doctor and politician.

External links[edit]

Official Websites
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Fan Websites
  • (Romanian) ucluj.ro Official Fans' Website