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U R Man special album
SS501-U R Man.jpg
U R Man album cover – limited edition
EP by Double S 301 (credit as SS501)
Released November 21, 2008 (2008-11-21)[1]
Genre K-pop, R&B, Dance
Length 19:20
Language Korean
Label DSP Media
Double S 301 (credit as SS501) chronology
U R Man
SS501 Solo Collection
(2009)SS501 Solo Collection2009
Music video
"U R Man" on YouTube

U R Man[2] is South Korean boy band SS501's fifth Korean mini-album released on November 21, 2008 by DSP Media and published by MNET media.[1]

With Kim Hyun-joong busy filming with Boys Over Flowers,[3] and Park Jung Min with his musical debut in Grease as "Danny Park",[4] the remaining three members formed 'SS501 Project Group' with Heo Young-saeng as the leader. They released a project album named U R Man in November 2008, with a high tempo dance track "U R Man",[2] which the three remaining SS501 members promoted by themselves, with the exception of some special performances that included all five band members. The project group also performed "U R Man" in episode four of Boys Over Flowers, where they appeared for a cameo performance.[3]

In addition with the title track, "U R Man", the album also includes the members' first solo songs: "Is It Love?", "Never Let You Go", and "I Am".[2]

In March 2009, SS501 released a limited edition album in Japan, which comes with four additional tracks not included in the Korea version.[5]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Want It" Kim Hyung-jun (H&B), Lee Seung-jae Carlos Battey, Steven Battey, Andrew Lane, Shaine Freeman Andrew Lane, Sensei 02:27
2. "U R Man" Han Sang-won, Im Young Han Sang-won Han Sang-won 03:20
3. "The One" Kim Hyung-jun (H&B), Lee Seung-jae, Ko Ki-tae Wayne Milton, Jenson Vaughan Wayne G. 03:30
4. "사랑인거죠" (Is It Love? - Heo Young-saeng solo) Heo Young-saeng Heo Young-saeng Shin Seung-ho 04:00
5. "Never Let You Go" (Kim Kyu-jong solo) Kim Kyu-jong (J.Dream) Jeon-gun Jeon-gun 02:59
6. "I Am..." (Kim Hyung-jun solo) Kim Hyung-jun (H&B) Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-su Han Jae-ho, Kim Seung-su 03:44
Total length: 19:20

Music videos[edit]

  • "U R Man"

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Format
South Korea November 21, 2008 DSP Media CD[6]
Japan March 2009 DSP Media Limited CD[5]


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