Ub (river)

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Ub (Уб)
Country Serbia
Physical characteristics
Main source Vlašić mountain, northeast of Osečina, Serbia
River mouth Tamnava river, near Šarbane, Serbia
44°30′36″N 20°08′52″E / 44.5101°N 20.1479°E / 44.5101; 20.1479Coordinates: 44°30′36″N 20°08′52″E / 44.5101°N 20.1479°E / 44.5101; 20.1479
Length 57 km (35 mi)
Basin features
Progression TamnavaKolubaraSavaDanubeBlack Sea
Basin size 274 km2 (106 sq mi)

The Ub (Serbian Cyrillic: Уб) is a river in western Serbia, a 57 km-long right and longest tributary to Tamnava river.

The Ub originates from the Vlašić mountain in Podgorina region of west Serbia, near the village of Kasapo. From its source to the mouth, the river flows to the east, parallel to the river Tamnava, which it will eventually join.

The villages located in the upper section of the river's flow are Družetić, Pambukovica and Čučuge, where the Ub slightly turns to the north, passes through the villages of Tvrdojevac and Zvizdar, and the small town of Ub, named after the river.

The Ub continues to the north and meets the Tamnava river near the village of Šarbane. The river drains an area of 274 km², belongs to the Black Sea drainage basin and it is not navigable.


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