Ubagami Daijingū

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Ubagami Daijingū (姥神大神宮)
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Ubagami Daijingū
Ubagami Daijingū is located in Japan
Ubagami Daijingū
Shown within Japan
Basic information
Location Esashi, Hokkaidō, Japan.
Geographic coordinates 41°51′59.2″N 140°7′30.1″E / 41.866444°N 140.125028°E / 41.866444; 140.125028Coordinates: 41°51′59.2″N 140°7′30.1″E / 41.866444°N 140.125028°E / 41.866444; 140.125028
Affiliation Shinto
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Ubagami Daijingū (姥神大神宮) is a Shinto shrine in Esashi, Hokkaidō, Japan. Its foundation date is uncertain but its existence is documented from the Edo period.[1] The Ubagami Daijingū Togyosai, when floats decked out with lanterns are paraded through the town, is celebrated in August.[2]


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