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Uberfic (short for uber fanfic, uberXena) or simply uber, über, or ueber (from German: über-, for 'over-' or 'supra-') is a genre of alternate universe fan fiction in which characters or events are portrayed somewhat closely to original canon but usually in a different time period, place, or reality, many times featuring the ancestors, descendants, or reincarnations of canon characters, known as uber-characters. The uber-characters' names are never[citation needed] canon. The term originated in Xena: Warrior Princess fandom, coined in 1997 by Kym Taborn, the webmaster of the fansite Whoosh.org.[1] This sort of story was used by the series itself, beginning with the second season episode "The Xena Scrolls".[2] A common trend in Xena fanfics was to write Uber stories in which the characters' analogues discover that they are soulmates.[3]

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