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Ubisa (Georgian: უბისა) is a small village and a medieval monastic complex in Georgia, particularly in the region Imereti, some 25 km from the town Kharagauli.

The monastic complex of Ubisa comprises a 9th-century St. George’s Monastery founded by St. Gregory of Khandzta, a 4-floor tower (AD 1141), fragments of a 12th-century defensive wall and several other buildings and structures.

The monastery houses a unique cycle of murals from the late 14th century made by Damiane apparently influenced by art from the Byzantine Palaiologan period (1261-1453).

The monastery is also known for its honey made by the monks.

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Coordinates: 42°05′59″N 43°13′42″E / 42.0997°N 43.2282°E / 42.0997; 43.2282