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Ubungo District
Ubungo District is located in Tanzania
Ubungo District
Ubungo District
Location of Ubungo District
Ubungo District is located in Africa
Ubungo District
Ubungo District
Ubungo District (Africa)
Coordinates: 6°47′20″S 39°12′20″E / 6.78889°S 39.20556°E / -6.78889; 39.20556Coordinates: 6°47′20″S 39°12′20″E / 6.78889°S 39.20556°E / -6.78889; 39.20556
RegionDar es Salaam
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
Area code(s)022
WebsiteCity Website
An aerial view of Ubungo District overlooking the TANESCO electric utility company on the left. The picture is facing towards the west.

Ubungo is a district north west of Dar es Salaam central business district, Tanzania. It is located in the western part of the province.

Ubungo was formerly a ward in the Kinondoni District of Dar es Salaam.



Ubungo hosts the University of Dar es Salaam[1] in the north east of Ubungo.



Ubungo hosts the country's largest indoor shopping mall, the Mlimani City Shopping Mall.

The southern entrance of Mlimani City shopping mall


Bus Station[edit]

The Ubungo Bus Terminal is one of the main terminals for the city and serves as a transportation link to mostly upcountry cities and Dar es Salaam. Relocation is all set to take place once the new terminal is ready.[2]

Construction of the new Mbezi Luis Bus Terminal which will cost 28 Billion shillings is under construction which will serve about 700 buses daily.[3] The terminal will consist of 2 phases, Phase I will be ready by the end of 2020, and Phase II will include hotels and shopping malls.[4] As of June 2020, 79 percent of the project is complete.


The Dar es Salaam commuter rail goes from here to the city centre but at the moment it is not fast (narrow gauge) and there are ten level crossings of roads along the route before the fast run.


Ubungo hosts the offices of the Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited.

Ubungo Interchange Project[edit]

The 247bn/ road project in the area of Ubungo is currently on construction to reduce heavy traffic.[5][6] The 17.5m bridge consisting of three level lanes and service roads is constructed by construction company, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. [7] Upon completion approximately 6000 vehicles are expected to pass daily. As of July 2020, the project is complete by 80 percent.[8]


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