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Ubuntu Party
Leader Michael Tellinger
Founded 2012

The Ubuntu Party is a South African political party founded by the author and songwriter Michael Tellinger[1] based on the principles of Ubuntu Contributionism. The party aims to introduce 100% employment by closing down the South African Reserve Bank and replacing it with a People's Bank that will grant interest-free homeloans and fund massive public works campaign, as well as to provide free electricity as Eskom, the state-owned electricity utility, is owned by the people of South Africa.[2] They also plan to eliminate the necessity for government altogether.

The party took part in the 2014 General Election at a national level.[3] Second on their list of candidates was Stephen Goodson,[3][4] leader of the Abolition of Income Tax and Usury Party, a former director of the South African Reserve Bank and controversial for his holocaust denial.[5]

National elections[edit]

Election Votes % Seats
2014[6] 8,234 0.04% 0

Municipal elections[edit]

Election Votes  %
2016[7] 2,752 0.01%