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UCMDB is a CMDB and discovery (combining DDMA and DDMI technique) software product produced by Micro Focus. It supports ITIL configuration management and which features a Configuration Management Database, as well as a mechanism for the automatic discovery of IT infrastructure components, such as computers, network devices and composing relationships between them.

UCMDB is part of HP ITSM, CCRM and SACM products, supporting (ITIL based) change management and configuration management processes.


The DDMa component (Discovery and Dependency mapping Advanced) of UCMDB works by scanning ranges of IP addresses within pre-set probe IP ranges, using ping, ICMP echo requests and Nmap to locate live IP addresses and open TCP ports, and IP address harvesting techniques by querying ARP/Cache tables of level 3 network devices. Resulting current IP addresses are then translated into CIs which function as input for deeper level discovery. The pyramid model is designed to ensure that only relevant sources are being queried, resulting in lower network and node load.

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