Uda River (Republic of Buryatia)

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The Uda River as an east tributary of the Selenge River

Uda (Russian: Уда́, Buryat: Үдэ гол) is a river in the Buryat Republic, Russia. It is a right tributary of the Selenge River, which it meets near the city Ulan-Ude. Its length is 467 kilometers (290 mi).

The Uda River basin lies in the Tuguro-Chumikanskiy region. The word Uda is derived from the Yakut word 'ud', meaning milk. The name was conferred on the river owing to a nearby milk-colored lake.[1]

View of the valley of the Uda near the village of Khorinsk in April


The Uda River is a prime habitat for the pink, chum, red, and coho salmons. Other fish species found in the Uda include the Siberian taimen, two forms of lenok, and Amur grayling. The river is especially important as it remains one of the last strongholds of taimen, which have dwindled in other Siberian rivers. Taimens grow to huge sizes here; specimens weighing 95 kilograms (209 lb) have been caught here.[1]


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Coordinates: 51°49′09″N 107°34′39″E / 51.81917°N 107.57750°E / 51.81917; 107.57750

valley of the Uda river near the village of Khorinsk the first of January