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Also known as Udann Sapnon Ki
Genre Drama
Written by Robin Bhatt
Javed Siddiqi
Sameer Siddiqui (Dialogues)
Starring Meera Deosthale
Vijayendra Kumeria
Opening theme "Ye Honslo Ki Udaan Hai"
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 1,096 as of 20 July 2018
Executive producer(s) Gurudev Bhalla
Dhaval Gada[2][3]
Producer(s) Mahesh Bhatt[1]
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time Approximately 24 minutes
Production company(s) Gurudev Bhalla Productions
Distributor Viacom 18
Original network Colors TV[4]
Picture format 16:9 (HDTV 1080i)
Original release 18 August 2014 (2014-08-18) – present
Related shows Resham Jhapi (Remake in Bengali)
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Udaan (English: Flight, Fly) (also known as Udann Sapnon Ki) is an Indian television drama show that premiered on 18 August 2014[5] and airs on the Colors TV channel,[6] Monday through Friday at 8:30 pm.[7] The show is produced by Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt[8] and is based on his unreleased movie of the same name.[5] It stars child actor Spandan Chaturvedi in a lead role.[9] The first promo for the show was released on 10 July 2014.[10]

The series is dubbed into Tamil as Poovizhi Vasalile on Raj TV, which is broadcast Monday through Saturday at 8:30 pm. It has been dubbed into Telugu as Vasantham on E TV and it airs every Monday to Saturday at 4:30 pm. It is also dubbed into Sinhala as Dhoni on Hiru TV and is broadcast Monday through Friday. It is also broadcast in Bengali as Resham Jhanpi on Colors Bangla.[citation needed] The series is translated into Armenian as Trichk (Թռիչք) and it is airing on Armenia TV every workday at 6:30 pm.

The Dubbed With Vietnamese As Doi Canh Tu Do On September 8, 2014 At Weekdays At 20:00 in VTV Cable 5 E Channel.

Udaan highlights the issue of bonded labour in Indian villages.[11]

It is fourth longest-running Indian television series of Colors TV[12] and longest-running Indian television series of Colors TV which is on air.[13]


Set in 1996 in the village of Azadganj, Udaan is the story of the bonded labourers of a wealthy landlord, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi (Sai Ballal), also known as Bhaiyaji. The story features the female protagonist Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi), who is kept as collateral (girvhi). While Chakor's mother Kasturi Bhuvan (Sai Deodhar) is pregnant with her, her father, Hariya, dies in an accident. Bhuvan (Rajiv Kumar) has neither money nor a cow to donate to Pandit for Hariya's funeral, so Bhuvan and Kasturi go to Bhaiyaji's haveli and beg for money from him. Instead, his wife Tejaswini (Prachee Pathak) suggests that they keep the unborn child as a collateral. The couple agrees that the child can be Rajvanshi's bonded labourer. Kasturi gives birth to a daughter, Chakor, on the night of a full moon. Tejaswini allows them to take her home for seven years; then she must be brought back to haveli to serve.

After seven years (2003), Chakor enters the haveli. She is a fearless, kind-hearted, and an intelligent girl. In the haveli, she meets and makes friends with Vivaan son of Bhaiyaji's younger brother Manohar. With Vivaan's help, Chakor escapes from haveli but is dragged back into slavery by her mother. While being supported by Ishwar Rawat, (Sandeep Baswana) she dreams of freedom. Ishwar is Aditya Rawat's father, a free spirited collector from Lucknow. He adores Chakor like a daughter and wants her to study. Chakor goes to school where Arjun Khanna (Vineet Raina), a physical education trainer, enters her life.

Ishwar is determined, against all odds, that Chakor be educated. He takes her to Lucknow to seek his family's support. His father, Purshottam, is fearful of Bhaiyaji and tries to return Chakor to him. Ishwar is arrested on a false charge by Bhaiyaji, who argues that Ishwar kept Chakor in his home illegally in order to sell her. To protect Ishwar, Chakor faces a difficult decision between saving the man who helped her, and her own education. She vows that she will abandon the idea of getting an education. Arjun enters Azadganj to help Chakor and Ishwar. Vivaan also enters Azadganj. Chakor meets Bhagya, (Sheetal Pandya) Bhaiyaji's daughter. Arjun and Bhagya fall in love. Ishwar sends Bhaiyaji to jail. Arjun and Bhagya are happily married. Ishwar dies in a bomb blast set by Bhaiyaji. After Ishwar's death, Bhaiyaji is released.

After Iswar's death, Bhaiyaji plans with Bhabubai to kidnap Chakor and other children from the village as payment for setting the bomb to kill Ishwar. At Ishwar's funeral, Chakor is kidnapped and taken to Mumbai in the boot of a car from which she luckily escapes. She wanders the streets of Mumbai where she does various jobs to earn ₹150 to go back to Azadganj. She meets a rich guy in the streets, Rakesh "Rocky" Deshmukh(Naveen Sharma), whose rich but abusive mother, Vaibhavi Deshmukh(Roma Bali), has led him to be a drunkard, and the pair immediately become friends. Meanwhile Bhabubai and an unknown lady called "Madam" combs Mumbai to find Chakor. They capture Chakor and take her to a place where an illegal organ trade takes place with Madam as their head. Meanwhile Rocky, while searching for Chakor, chances on Arjun Khanna, who has got run over by a vehicle when he came to Mumbai to search for Chakor. Chakor escapes the crooks with the other children with the help of Ammaji(Alpana Buch), and her three adopted children. While escaping to Azadganj, Chakor sees Imli in a car going towards Mumbai. She goes to Mumbai again to resque. Chakor finds Imli with the help of Rocky, and his mother Vaibhavi. At the Holy festival Chakor is kidnapped once again by Babubai but Rocky manages to save her. Vaibhavi enters the scene and reveals herself as Madam, the evil lady. Rocky is shocked to learn this. Vaibhavi tells him that she killed his father and sold his organs, which is what she'll be doing to him and Chakor too. She tries to shoot Rocky, but Chakor hits her with a stone. Vaibhavi loses her balance and falls down the nearby cliff to her death. Rocky asks Chakor to leave before the police arrives but chakor refuses. She is tried and convicted of the murder of Vaibhavi and is sent to prison. She tries to escspe prison but fails due to an old enemy, Kangan, being there. She participates in an all island marathon as the Jailer promises to let her go if she wins. Chakor wins the race but she doesn't know that Kamal Narayan has set a bomb to kill the first person to finish. The bomb blasts Chakor and everybody assumes she is dead. But the Jailer has saved her and she returns to Azadganj disguised as a boy.

Meanwhile in Azadganj, Shakuntala Rajvanshi(Suhasini Mulay), Bhaiyaji's mother, recognises Ammaji, who went to Azadganj with the kidnapped children, as her long lost daughter Nayanathara Rajwanshi while Dhadi recognzie her as her brother Sathya's bride. Nayanthara, overjoyed at finding her family, stays with them in Haveli. Chakor dressed as Kota, succeed in making Baiyaji think he is crazy by acting as Chakor's ghost with the help of Imli, Chagan, Ragini, Vivaan, Aryan, Billu and Ammaji's adopted children, Sunny, Somē and Tikka. Bhaiyaji And MAnohar flee to Delhi with a big bag full of money. Bhaiyaji and Manohar see a girl, Chunni, in Delhi, who looks like Chakor. They gave her ₹50 lakhs to act as Chakor. Arjun takes Bhagya to Lucknow. Bhaiyaji and Manohar come to Azadganj with Chunni. Kasturi and others are happy to see Chakor. Bhaiyaji learns that Arjun took Bhagya to Lucknow and becomes very angry. Finally, it is revealed that Chunni is Chakor's twin-sister. Bhaiyaji kills Chunni. Chakor goes to the rainbow circus, unaware of Chunni's death. She bravely exposes the murderer in the circus and then travels to perform in Bhaiyaji and Ranjana's wedding after Ranjana (Ginnie Virdi) kills Manohar. Ranjana marries Bhaiyaji. Bhayiaji tries to kill Chakor but Arjun re-enters Azadganj and saves her. Bhayiaji gets angry and captures Chakor's grandmother Savitri (Jhuma Biswas) to maintain his grip over the fearful villagers. Arjun asks Chakor to give her 10 years to him and she agrees.

Ten years later[edit]

The show leaps ahead ten years. The story now follows a grown up Chakor (Meera Deosthale). Chakor is trained under Arjun Khanna. Arjun and his wife Bhagya took care of her like their own daughter. She grows up with a dream: to free Azaadganj from the clutches of Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. She enters Azaadganj after gaining fame by winning various races. Upon returning to Azaadganj, she learns that her grandmother Savitri was killed by Kamal Narayan, and that her sister Imli (Vidhi Pandya) has been brainwashed against her. She has now become loyal to Kamal Narayan and his son Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria). She meets Vivaan (Paras Arora) who she feels is not normal and is always in a semi-conscious state. She soon finds out that he is in fact being drugged by Tejaswini. Vivaan eventually quits drugs for Chakor's sake. Together, Vivaan and Chakor successfully conspire against Kamal Narayan to end his reign of terror. He and his son are jailed for their crimes. The whole village celebrates and Vivaan proposes to Chakor who accepts.

Suraj, with the help of Imli, manages to get out of jail and vows revenge against Chakor and Vivaan. Suraj fixes his marriage with Tina (Vinny Arora) who is the daughter of a rich businessmen in Delhi. Imli informs Suraj that she is pregnant with his kid. But Suraj refuses to accept her and ask her to go for an abortion. A shocked and broken Imli tries to commit suicide. But Chakor saves her on time and promises to make her marry Suraj . Chakor's marriage gets fixed with Vivaan on the same day as Suraj's marriage with Tina. Chakor learns that Tina is forced into this marriage and with the help of Tina, Vivaan and Imli she plans to swap Tina with Imli and make her get married to Suraj. Chakor manages to help Tina runaway on the wedding day and makes Imli ready as a bride for Suraj. Suraj learns about the bridal swap and with the help of Tejaswini he swaps Imli and Chakor. Eventually without anyone's knowledge Suraj marries Chakor. Everyone is unaware of this as both brides had covered their faces with dupattas and the grooms too had covered their faces with sehra. After marriage, everyone is shocked as Chakor had married Suraj and Vivaan had married Imli. Suraj manages to put the blame for bridal swap on Chakor's head and everyone believes it including Vivaan and Imli, shattering Chakor.

After a trail of turmoil, Chakor decides to divorce Suraj and Imli and Vivaan also decide the same. Kamal Narayan is discovered dead and Suraj blackmails Chakor not to divorce him by faking Imli’s involvement in Kamal Narayan’s murder. A shattered Chakor now decides to save Imli and Vivaan’s marriage considering Imli’s pregnancy. Vivaan accepts Imli and her child. Some subtle turn of events and Chakor records Suraj’s confession to the bride swap fiasco and proves him guilty. Imli severs all ties with Suraj. Suraj revenges Chakor by turning the tables and making Imli and Vivaan realise that Chakor wishes to stay with him. Suraj keeps on using Chakor’s “sports star” status to make money. Gradually, he starts developing weakness towards his unborn child and softens towards Imli who now has no plans to give Suraj any chance.

Ragini (Vandana Singh) makes a come-back, only to be discovered later on that she is negative and is helping Kamal Narayan who is actually alive. Suraj’s weakness towards his child grows and he starts caring for Imli and wanting her back in his life. He confesses Chakor that he loves Imli. He finally confesses all his crimes and proposes Imli who snubs him. Chakor is proved innocent and Suraj apologises to her. Imli has a miscarriage. Vivaan proposes Imli and they start a happy life. Suraj is broken and he vents out his anger in different ways on Chakor. Suraj and Chakor decide to divorce each other.

Meanwhile, Kamal Narayan returns and terrifies every one. Suraj and Imli team up to fool Kamal Narayan but that doesn’t work. We see a new turn in Suraj and Chakor’ story when Chakor faints in Suraj’s arms on the night of Karwa Chauth. They exchange some light moments in the dinner and become friendly. Kamal Narayan plans to kill Suraj in the Diwali party and Chakor saves him. Chakor decides to get back to Suraj as his wife for his safety. Suraj and Chakor now try solving the puzzle of Kamal Narayan escaping from jail and find that a goon called ‘Yogesh Bhai’ can help them.

Kamal Narayan and Ragini try every way to make Suraj and Chakor divorce each other but they fail. Ragini throws Tejaswini out of the house and Chakor makes Tejaswini stay at her Mai-Bapu’s house. Ranjana calls media to prove the false relation between Suraj and Chakor but they manage to convince the media. Suraj and Chakor get kidnapped by Yogesh Bhai’s goons and Yogesh Bhai mistakes Chakor as Imli and tries marrying her forcefully. Suraj saves her in time and punches Yogesh Bhai. Suraj and Chakor manage to find Jailor Yadav and Chakor goes to find another clue leaving Suraj with Jailor Yadav. We find that Jailor Yadav has been blackmailed by Ragini to kill Suraj. Vivaan reaches there on time to save Suraj and Chakor reaches later on realising that everything was a trap. She hugs Suraj. They cook up a plan and when Kamal Narayan and Ragini reach the spot to celebrate Suraj’s death, Suraj , Chakor and Vivaan check-mate him and make him realise that his plans failed once again.

Chakor receives a letter from the sports commission and leaves for Delhi. Suraj gets to know of this whole drama being Kamal Narayan’s plan and goes after Chakor. They go on a love-filled adventurous trip where Chakor gets into trouble among some goons and Suraj saves her after they miss their bus. They end up reaching a village where they remarry owing to some celebrations going in that village. The next day Chakor faces her worst nightmare as she discovers that she has been banned for failing the drug test by sports authority. Suraj consoles her in all her steps further by handling the media, supporting her and helping her take the right decisions. It is revealed that the whole drug fiasco was Kamal Narayan’s plan. On Suraj’s advice, Chakor takes retirement with plans of re-joining athletics later.

Meanwhile, Kamal Narayan traps Suraj to kill him but again, Chakor saves him and plans to send him away somewhere. She successfully sends him away with Shikhu (Suraj’s servant). They bid each other an emotional farewell. Kamal Narayan gets bewildered and kidnaps Kasturi to make Chakor reveal Suraj’s location but fails. Chakor gets to know of Suraj’s plannings for her birthday and gets overwhelmed. Amidst Chakor’s birthday celebrations, Kamal Narayan plants bomb in the basti but Chakor successfully saves everyone. Suraj is brought back to Azaadganj since Shikhu betrays him on Ragini’s instructions. Suraj and Chakor share some last moments of love thinking an expected death to be approaching Suraj. The next day, it’s not death but Kamal Narayan plans to make Suraj his Bandhua. He is branded and Chakor breaks down not being able to save him. Meanwhile, Vivaan is accused in a false molestation case and loses his job, he struggles hard to save himself. Suraj’s health deteriorates being deprived of food and water and Chakor leaves no stones unturned in making every effort to provide him with food and water but in vain.

Suraj finally gets water. Suraj health further deteriorates without food and finally comes the day of Makar Sankranti. Kamal Narayan asks Chakor to win a kite-flying competition against Ragini in order to get Suraj food but makes Chakor lose by playing a foul game. They tease Suraj and in further turn of events, in order to punish Chakor, they humiliate her by splashing water on her. Suraj breaks his shackles and saves Chakor and hugs her. Suraj realises that Chakor is facing difficulties due to him and asks Chakor to leave him but Chakor doesn’t listen. Kamal Narayan asks Suraj to bow down to him in order to get food but Suraj denies. Chakor hurts herself and makes Suraj realise that he needs to have food so that he can safe-guard Chakor. Kamal Narayan cheats them again. Suraj is asked to mend wells in the village and Chakor decides to help him. This doesn’t go well with the villagers instigated by Kamal Narayan and they throw Suraj into the well. Chakor jumps into the well hoping the villagers would save her and finally him but her plans fail. They spend a night inside the well. The events turn emotional and they realise they are the only supporters of each other. Chakor gives mental strength to Suraj and promises to let nothing happen to him. As of now, the viewers have started realising that Suraj is developing feelings for Chakor and loses himself easily in her. Vivaan gets his medical reports of being an impotent due to the drugs Tejaswini had given him in past and is shattered. Anyway, he rescues Chakor and Suraj the next morning.

Kamal Narayan asks Suraj to slap Chakor in order to get food but he doesn’t. He is given the work of sweeping the whole village and Chakor arranges food for him secretly. Vivaan shares his sorrow with Chakor who gives him some terrible advice, terrifying Vivaan. Suraj and Chakor enjoy a proper dinner date and dance finally after Suraj gets food. Owing to Vivaan’s disturbed condition, Ragini provokes him and he decides to work for her. Now, Suraj gets tortured by not just Ragini and Kamal Narayan but also Vivaan. Turns of events and Suraj needs clothes to wear. Chakor shields Suraj on a cold night by sleeping next to him. Kamal Narayan calls a wrestling match between the brothers with a condition of Suraj getting clothes on winning and Vivaan getting money to fight his molestation case. Vivaan wins the game. The viewers get glimpses of Suraj having fallen head over heels for Chakor. Chakor keeps a Mahashivratri fast for Suraj to comes to do the puja with her. She drinks bhang and Sukor spend a peaceful sleep that night. The next morning, Kamal Narayan plays a dirty game planning the death of Tejaswini and Kasturi and asking Sukor to save them in order to free Suraj from Bandhuagiri. After a series of adventure, trouble and trauma, both their mothers get saved and Suraj walks free but he has to live elsewhere, find work and food for himself in order to survive.

Chakor helps him initially but Ragini puts a condition that if Chakor and Suraj meet till Holi, then villagers won’t be allowed to play Holi. Suraj and Chakor decide to keep distance and realise that they badly miss each other. Suraj realises that he loves Chakor. The day of Holi comes and Kamal Narayan has another evil plan to murder Suraj. He sends villagers in a bus with failed breaks and Suraj in a car with failed breaks and gives an option to the villagers to save themselves or Suraj. Goodness wins over evil and everyone gets saved. Chakor gets a hint of losing Suraj and realises that she loves him. After all these, Kamal Narayan gets insane.

Suraj and Chakor encounter some unplanned light-romantic moments in the trail of speaking out their feelings for each other. It is revealed that Ranjana killed Vivaan’s father and Vivaan comes to know of this. Meanwhile, Suraj and Imli end up spending a night in a car as their car breaks midway and Vivaan threatens to kill Chakor for hiding his father’s death from him. Chakor makes a deal with Vivaan and brings back Suraj to the haveli. Chakor tries to propose him but she isn’t able to. She has to leave for Mumbai for 6 weeks for an event and Sukor miss each other badly. On Chakor’s return i.e. on the day of their first anniversary, an extremely happy Suraj asks her out on a date and proposes her. They propose each other, make promises, decide to remarry and spent an extremely romantic time together. Here, in haveli Imli announces to Vivaan about her pregnancy which bewilders Vivaan and he accuses Imli to have cheated on him. Imli breaks down.

After that Vivaan accuses Suraj for Imli's pregnancy. Later on, since Imli is being sent to the mental asylum, in order to save Imli, Suraj accepts the fact that he is responsible for Imli's pregnancy in front villagers. Chakor breaks down knowing the fact. Suraj and Chakor get divorced. After that there is entry of Inspector Ajay (Sehban Azim). Chakor gets help from him to expose Ragini and Vivaan. Ajay later on starts liking Chakor and tries to spend time with her. Suraj gets irritated seeing all this and clear the fact to chakor that she is only his and he will not let anyone come closer to her. Ajay and Chakor leave for lucknow to get evidence against Ragini. In parallel to this Imli and Suraj also leave for Lucknow to get antidode for KN's drug (given by Ragini and Vivaan). Chakor starts fighting with Suraj causing them to miss the bus. On this journey Chakor somehow forgives Suraj and later realizes that he had never cheated on her. Suraj and Chakor finally patch up. Everything is going well and Sukor secretly get married when Imli has a miscarriage yet again. She misunderstands Chakor and thinks she was the one who told Vivaan about her Miscarrige causing Vivaan to leave her. She joins hands with Kamal, and Imli and Kamal together stab Chakor and throw her into the Ganga river. She ends up in Banaras. After 1 month Suraj is looking for Chakor and Imli has made Chakor believe that Suraj wants to kill her, while she makes Suraj believe that Chakor has moved on with someone else. Chakor now is living with Inspector Ranvijay’s (Vikas Bhalla) family in attempt to hide from Suraj. Chakor finds out she’s 1 month Preganant with Suraj’s child. Somehow they end up meeting and all the misunderstandings are cleared. Chakor sends Suraj back as she finds out Ranvijay is the son of Pratap Singh who Kamal has gotten killed years before. Ranvijay wants to take revenge on Kamal by killing his Son. He finds out Chakor is Suraj’s Wife and puts her on House arrest. Ranvijay actively abused his sisters and mother. Seeing this Chakor tries to help them when Suraj somehow sneaks in. They gather proof against Ranvijay proving his abusive causing him to go to Jail. Chakor and Suraj come back to Azzadganj when Kamal kidnaps Chakor and kills her baby in her womb. In shock of losing her child, Chakor kills Kamal Narayan and is jailed for 5 years. Imli succeds and rules over Azzadganj making everyone bonded Slaves once again

Five years later[edit]

Chakor goes back to Azadganj to see Imli changed and as a ruthless ruler. Imli is now married to Ranvijay who helps Imli in illegal work. Suraj has been hit by Ranjivay 4 years ago causing him to lose his memory. He is now a slave for them. Chakor in many attempts tries to Bring his memory back and finally she succeeds. Together Suraj and Chakor find proof against them. Imli in shock, ends up killing Ranvijay. In a attempt to runaway she crashes her car which burst to flames everyone assumes that she’s dead but really she had jumped out of the car and is alive.

1.5 years later[edit]

Chakor and Suraj are living a happily married life with their baby girl named Saanvi (Aadhya Barot). They go to a event in Bombay where they meet Karan Oberoi (Keith Sequeira) who goes to Azaadganj and tells them he will help them renovate the village but really just wants to ruin the village and gain money. Imli comes back for her revenge in the disgusie of a elder woman and she teams up with Karan and after some while she ends up having to kill Karan. Imli wears a Scarf over her face and now is working as a maid in Suraj and Chakors house. She plans to ruin them and rule again. Meanwhile, Vivaan who has been held captive for 7 years by Ragini. But he thinks it’s imli who held him captive. Ragini releases him and says she will meet him only if he kills Sukor. He goes to Kill them but realizes that they are family. Chakor sees Imli and realizes she is alive. She tells Suraj who doesn’t believe her and thinks she is mentally scared. Vivaan however believes her and is helping her find Imli and proof against her. Suraj is currently doubting Vivaan and Chakor’s relationship. Vivaan and Chakor are currently busy in finding proof against Imli to present against Suraj.

Once they find Imli's truth, they send her to a mental hospital. Then Suraj goes to Imli's gun dealer, Captain Yashwant "Colonel" Bedi (Mahesh Thakur). He tries find out what is happening , but falls into a trap. One of the Colonel's goons save Suraj. The goon later meets Suraj and asks Suraj to help him as he is actually a RAW agent, Abhay (Kiran Janjani). He asks Suraj to get close to Colonel's daughter, Naina (Swati Kapoor), and find out about Colonel's plan. Suraj initially says no, but Chakor convinces him as it is for the country. Suraj gets close to Naina, but Chakor starts to feel jealous.


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Crossover episodes[edit]

Trishakti episodes[edit]

Tri means 3 and Shakti means Power, thus trishakti means Power of Three. In each Trishakti, three serials were broke down into parts and were shown one by one.

Sr No. Air Date Serials
1 February 19, 2016 Ishq Ka Rang Safed Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka
2 March 10, 2016 Ishq Ka Rang Safed Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka
3 March 17, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu
4 March 29, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Udaan
5 April 08, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Udaan
6 April 21, 2016 Ishq Ka Rang Safed Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka
7 May 12, 2016 Sasural Simar Ka Udaan Swaragini
8 May 20, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Udaan
9 May 26, 2016 Thapki Pyar Ki Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu
10 March 5, 2018 Laado 2 Dil Se Dil Tak Savitri Devi College & Hospital Tu Aashiqui