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Title Screen of Hum TV's Udaari.jpg
Created byMomina Duraid Productions
Developed bySultana Siddiqui
Written byFarhat Ishtiaq
Screenplay byFarhat Ishtiaq
Directed byMohammed Ehteshamuddin
StarringSamiya Mumtaz
Bushra Ansari
Ahsan Khan
Urwa Hocane
Farhan Saeed
Hina Altaf Khan
Theme music composerSahir Ali Bagga
Sohail Haider
Opening themeSajna Ve Sajna by
by Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed
Ending themeBol Ke Lab Azaad
Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed
Country of originPakistan
Original languagesUrdu, Punjabi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes25 (list of episodes)
ProducerMomina Duraid
Production locationsLahore, Punjab
Multan, Punjab
CinematographyAzhar Ali
EditorsMehmood Ali
Shehraz Fiyaz
Muhammad Ali Sooni
Ali Raza Ansari
Camera setupMulti camera
Running time30-39 minutes
Production companiesMomal Productions
Kashf Foundation
DistributorHum Network
Original networkHum TV
Picture format1080p HD TV
576i (SDTV)
Audio formatStereo
First shown inPakistan
Original release10 April (2016-04-10) –
25 September 2016 (2016-09-25)
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Udaari (title from Punjabi: اڈاری; lit: To fly) is an Urdu and Punjabi language social Pakistani television series that was created and co-produced by Momina Duraid with Kashf Foundation for Hum TV. It focused on the social and economic marginalisation of citizens in Pakistani rural society alongside highlighting deeply rooted issues such as child sexual abuse, sexism and gender discrimination within these areas. It was aired from 10 April 2016 to 4 September 2016. The show is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. The plot of Udaari centres on the families of two Punjabi villagers Sheedan and Sajida, with Sheedan holding criticism being a local musician, being labelled as a Marasi whereas Sajida struggles for her daughter after her husband's death. It later focuses on their daughter's struggle where Meera (Sheedan's daughter) struggles to become a music sensation despite being labelled as a Doomni's daughter, and Zebo's (Sajida's daughter's) struggle against her step-father Imtiaz, who after her mother's second marriage, raped her when she was only nine years old.[1][2]

The show was first aired on Hum TV, as a part of night programming all under Duraid's production company.[3] The series is produced and written by the makers of Humsafar, Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu and Diyar-e-Dil.[4][5][6] Udaari has an ensemble cast with Bushra Ansari as Sheedan, Samiya Mumtaz as Sajida, Urwa Hocane as Ameera, Farhan Saeed as Arsh, Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz, and Hina Altaf Khan/Areesha Ahsan as Zebo.[1][2] The show is set in the village of Mirpur and urban areas of Punjab.

Udaari received positive reviews from critics and audiences throughout its broadcast, critics considered the sensitive issues within the story's arc well drafted and well composed, and also lauded the entire cast's performance, it also scored highest ratings in 2016 and was ranked as the highest rated TV series of 2016 season. At the 5th Hum Awards, Udaari won the most for the ceremony including, Best Drama Serial - Jury and Best Drama Serial - Popular for Momina Duraid.


It is the story of two different worlds, the urban and the rural as well as highlighting prevalent issues in modern society. The series depicts the lives of two neighbouring families in a village, and the struggle of a group of four friends living in the city, trying to pursue a music career. In the village, it focuses on two close neighbours, Rashida (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida (Samiya Mumtaz). Rashida (nicknamed as Sheedaan) along with her husband Maajid (Rehan Sheikh), daughter Meera (Urwa Hocane) and son Ejaz are local musicians who earn through singing and entertaining people at weddings, because of which they are discriminated and criticised in the society, being termed as Marasi. Whereas Sajida, Parvez's widow, works as a maid in a distant house. She runs the household, cares for herself and her 10-year-old daughter, named Zebo. Simultaneously, in urban city Lahore, resides a group of four students, Maleeha, Haris, Arsh and Farwa who want to pursue a music carrier. Meera is in a complicated relationship with Illyas who happens to be Sajida's nephew. He always warned her to stop singing or he will break his relationship. Imtiaz (Ahsan Khan), Parvez's best friend, proposed Sajida for marriage who first showed reluctance but later married him for Zebo's sake. On their wedding, Majid passes away which makes Imtiaz closer to Sheedaan's family resulting in his negative sexual desires for Meera. One day, when Sajida and Zebo are not home, Imtiaz attempts to sexually abuse Meera, but she escapes from there. This results in a dispute between Sajida and Sheedaan where Sajida claims Meera's intentions were wrong, refuses to believe her and supports Imtiaz. After this Sheedan's breaks off all her relations with Sajida and Illyas breaks off his relationship with Meera. On the other hand, Farwa is forced by her parents to bid adieu to her music career. Milli and her mother Muneera (who runs an NGO) visit the village for a wedding where she sees Meera tearfully singing and records her music. The band then visit Meera's house and take her on as a replacement singer for Farwa. After immense arguments and disputes, Arsh and Meera grow close to each other. The band successfully wins the music competition, leaving the village shocked seeing Meera on Television. Complications begin when Imtiaz's sexual desires arise for Zebo. One rainy afternoon while Sajida is at work, Imtiaz lures Zebo into one room and rapes her, she is threatened to keep silent otherwise he threatens to kill Zebo herself and her mother. Back in Lahore, Meera gains fame and recognition all over the country, she earns enough money to purchase a house and settles in Lahore with her family.


Main cast of Udaari featuring (from left) Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz, Hina Altaf Khan as Zebo, Urwa Hocane as Meera, Bushra Ansari as Sheedan, Samiya Mumtaz as Sajida, Farhan Saeed as Arsh and Areesha Ahsan as young Zebo

Child stars[edit]

  • Areesha Ahsan as Zebo
  • Saad as Ejaz

Special appearances[edit]


No. Title Directed by Written by Run Time Original air date Overnight UK Viewers
7 day Viewing Data
1"Episode 1"Mohammed EhteshamuddinFarhat Ishtiaq39:5010 April 2016 (2016-04-10)87.1[7]-
Sheedan and her family are local musics entertainers. Sajida's s boss suggests her to think over second marriage where as Meera secretly meets Illyas (Sajida's Nephew), the two promise to get married one day. Meera and her family are set to sing in a wedding nearby where a strange man teases Meera.
2"Episode 2"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq42:4817 April 2016 (2016-04-17)51.4[8]63[9]
Sajida faces street goons teasing her and is saved by Imtiaz who later proposes to her; she refuses. Meera is about get molested but is saved by her family; all of them receive disrespect by the entire village as they are local musicians. Illyas has a rude attitude towards Meera as he wants her to stop singing. Illyas's mother hates Meera and shows disrespect for her family; she also abuses Sajida for thinking of re-marriage.
3"Episode 3"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq41:0024 April 2016 (2016-04-24)60.3[10]72[11]
Sheedan and Zebo convince Sajida to marry Imtiaz. Their marriage takes place. Illyas scolds Meera for dancing and tells her that if she continues to do so, he will not marry her. Majid dies in a car accident. Farwa receives resentment from her mother for music.
4"Episode 4"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq39:141 May 2016 (2016-05-01)42.4[12]72[13]
Farwa's mother finds out the truth and makes her abandon her pursuit for music. Illyas badmouths Meera and her family and asks her to stay away from them and stop singing. Arsh, Maleeha, Haris and Farwa get selected for their band. Farwa tearfully bids farewell to her music career and leaves her song Saajna Ve Saajna with her band; she asks the members to start searching for a new female vocalists. Imtiaz develops false feelings for Meera.
5"Episode 5"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:448 May 2016 (2016-05-08)83.0[14]100[15]
Sheedan finds out about Meera and Illyas's love affair. Sajida's sister scolds her for Meera and Illyas's relation and warns her to keep them away from her family. She then reaches Sheedan's house and insults them. The next morning, Imtiaz tries to rape Meera in his house but she escapes; Imtiaz denies when Meera and Sheedan accuse him. Sajida supports her husband over Sheedan and breaks all ties with them.
6"Episode 6"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:0215 May 2016 (2016-05-15)70.5[16]110[17]
Meera meets Illyas who breaks their relationship; he tells her that he has agreed to marry Jamila as he considers her as a woman with good character and rejects Meera calling her a Marasi. Muneera is invited to Shehnaz's (her former client's) daughter; she asks Milli to accompany her. At that marriage, Meera sings a song which describes her sorrow for Illyas; with this song, she wants to forget every moment with Illyas. Her song attracts Milli who records it. Sajida brightens herself and wears colorful dress for Imtiaz; he makes fun of her instead and calls her old; Sajida is left heartbroken.
7"Episode 7"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:2722 May 2016 (2016-05-22)89.5[18]-
Imtiaz asks Zebo to give him foot Massage; he plans to molest her but Sajida comes and asks him to get himself ready for Illyas's engagement. Imtiaz's plan foils. Sheedan meets Zebo in the street as Sajida has forbidden her to meet Sheedan and Meera. Milli finally convinces Arsh and Haris to meet Meera. Imtiaz's lust increases for Zebo. The musicians meet Meera and decide not to cast her but the family is still invited by Milli to their house in Lahore.
8"Episode 8"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:3029 May 2016 (2016-05-29)68.3[19]87[20]
Sheedan and Meera leaves for Lahore. Imtiaz tries to falsely touch Zebo but gets interrupted by Sajida. Zebo tells Illyas and Imtiaz about Meera planning to sing on television. Illyas gets jealous of them and is manipulated by Imtiaz. Urban living is different for Sheedan and Meera who find music appliances hard to understand; this makes Arsh furious. Sajida finds out about Sheedan moving to Lahore; Imtiaz badmouths them which makes her uncomfortable.
9"Episode 9"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:335 June 2016 (2016-06-05)72.8[21]116[17]
Arsh and Haris try teaching Meera how to sing but continue their rude attitude; Milli supports her. Sheedan tries to correct daily chores applying her traditional habits. Zebo is playing in the rain; Imtiaz's rapes her and threatens her to keep her mouth shut or he will kill her mother who was not home. Sajida reaches home and finds Zebo sick. Arsh yells at Meera for singing wrong and discourages her, but later apologizes to her when he finds her crying.
10"Episode 10"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:2712 June 2016 (2016-06-12)35.9[22]74[23]
Muneera is invited to a social conference event where she conducts her speech against child sexual abuse and Pedaphiles. Zebo gets panic attacks facing Imtiaz and is again threatened by him that he will kill her mother if she tells her. One morning, Arsh finds Meera practising for their music and gets impressed by her voice. Imtiaz begins to physically torture Zebo.
11"Episode 11"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:2919 June 2016 (2016-06-19)115.6[24]130[25]
The music band reaches the Audition venue where Haris finds out that only fifty bands will be selected. Sajida scolds Zebo for disputing Imtiaz. The band finally performs their song Sajna ve Sajna. The next day, the band is interviewed and Meera accidentally reveals that she is not Farwa.
12"Episode 12"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:4826 June 2016 (2016-06-26)119.6[26]143[27]
The band is given forty seconds to prove themselves and all judges gave them the title of top one band. The next day, their song is broadcast on TV and the entire village sees Meera on TV, making Illyas regretful. Imtiaz's plan of raping Zebo again foils. Sajida gets suspicious of Imtiaz's harsh attitude for Zebo and recalls Meera's incident with Imtiaz. At night, when Imtiaz goes out, Zebo's panic attack reveals to Sajida that Imtiaz had raped her, leaving her shocked.
13"Episode 13"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:143 July 2016 (2016-07-03)59.6[28]91[29]
Sajida's anger increases for Imtiaz; she tells Zebo to never discuss her incident with anyone. Meera gets an offer for the OST of a TV series. Sheedan reaches her village to take all her belongings and asks Ejaz to return the money back to Sajida which she once borrowed as a loan. Along with the money, Ejaz hands over Meera's letter where she has mentioned her house address.
14"Episode 14"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:0310 July 2016 (2016-07-10)101.1[30]128[31]
Sajida reveals to Imtiaz that she knows everything he did and warns him to stay away from Zebo. He gets angry and gives her an open challenge that he will rape Zebo in front of her and forcefully locks her into a room. The entire incident is being watched by Imtiaz's colleague. Sajida loses control over her anger when he rapes her daughter and attacks him and leaves him for dead. The mother and daughter escape for Sheedan's house.
15"Episode 15"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:3417 July 2016 (2016-07-17)79.2[32]106[33]
Milli and Haris are going to England for completing a music course. Meera asks Sajida and Zebo to change their identity and name themselves as Tahira and Komal. The next day, Illyas sees Meera with Arsh. After meeting her, he tells her that he does not want to marry Jamila anymore and once again proposes to Meera. She rejects his proposal and tells him that she is a Marasi. Milli and Haris leave for England.
16"Episode 16"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:2924 July 2016 (2016-07-24)57.7[34]84[35]
Arsh tells his mother that he is in love with Meera; she compares their background and also terms Meera as a Marasi. The entire conversation is overheard by Meera who gets hurt and feels the same way as she felt earlier by Illyas's mother. She tells Arsh that she doesn't want any relationship. Tahira starts a business. After six years, Tahira is a successful businesswoman. Milli gets married and Arsh is a lawyer and Meera is now a successful singer. Tahira goes to a bakery shop where Imtiaz sees her as a changed Urban woman.
17"Episode 17"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:0831 July 2016 (2016-July-31)85.8[36]101[37]
Meera goes to America for her concert. Imtiaz returns and reveals how he was saved; he shocks Sajida and Zebo and gives them an open threat that he will attack Zebo once again. The next day, Sajida leaves Zebo in care of Sheedan and Ejaz. Imtiaz decides to kidnap Zebo who is currently residing at Sheedan's house.
18"Episode 18"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:007 August 2016 (2016-August-07)165.0[38]164[39]
The Police SHO falsely helps Imtiaz with his FIR and arrests Sajida on charges of attempted murder. Sheedan and Ejaz seek Muneera for help who has gone to Bangladesh for social work. Along with attempted murder, the police make a false charge of a robbery on Sajida and illegally attempt a third degree force on Sajida.
19"Episode 19"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq35:5714 August 2016 (2016-August-14)71.5[40]84[41]
Sajida forbids Sheedan from disclosing Zebo's case. Arsh finds out about Sajida's attempted murder charge. Meera returns to Pakistan.
20"Episode 20"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:5821 August 2016 (2016-August-21)64.2[42]77[43]
Arsh is suspicious about Imtiaz's attitude with Zebo and tries to find out what happened on 21 April 2010. Sajida gets arrested over the allegation of attempting to murder Imtiaz. Afrooz (Arsh's mother) finds out about Arsh's involvement in Sajida's case and apologises to him, revealing that she has turned positive for Meera and asks him to take her to Meera's house for marriage proposal. However Meera again rejects Arsh, claiming that she will never marry anyone in her life.
21"Episode 21"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:4928 August 2016 (2016-August-28)123.4[44]130[45]
Arsh forcefully asks Meera to reveal him about Imtiaz; she first reveals to him about the incident of him trying to molest her, then she reveals him of the rape incident of Zebo. Arsh tells Zebo to stand for her rights. In the court hearing, Imtiaz blames Sajida and says that she wanted to pursue prostitution along with Zebo.
22"Episode 22"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq39:174 September 2016 (2016-September-04)141.0[46]114[47]
In the court session, a police officer bribed by Imtiaz, lies showing false proofs against Sajida. Muneera, Arsh and Zebo finally get Zebo's medical report from hospital records, Zebo shows up in the next court proceeding and shocks Imtiaz. An anti-child abuse campaign is formed by the Kashf Foundation for Zebo's justice.
23"Episode 23"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq37:5611 September 2016 (2016-September-11)68.2[48]TBD
On his interview, Malik Iftikhar states that he will never support Imtiaz in any of his crimes. Sajida is angry with Zebo and asks her to leave, Zebo tells her that she does not want to be labelled as a victim but wants to be known as a survivor.
24"Episode 24"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq38:1118 September 2016 (2016-September-18)19.5[49]TBD
Muneera gathers public attention for Zebo and starts campaigning for her case, Meera reveals Imtiaz's rape attempt on her in the court, back in the village, it is shown that Imtiaz's gambling partner, Jamshed (eye witness of Zebo's rape incident) grieves his pain in front of his wife and daughters grave.
25"Last Episode"Muhammad EhtishamudinFarhat Ishtiaq66:4025 September 2016 (2016-September-25)60.1[50]TBD
Zebo gets justice when Jamshed confesses that he saw Imtiaz raping her. Imtiaz is then sentenced life imprisonment while Sajida is declared innocent. Meera gets engaged to Arsh, they both tribute a song for Zebo and all women of their country and the entire family gets united after Sajida's release.



Udaari was developed by Hum TV's senior producer Momina Duraid of MD Productions, the channel hired the award-winning director Mohammed Ehteshamuddin to direct the series.[1][2] Story of serial is written by award-winning writer Farhat Ishtiaq.[2][51][52] It was Ishtiaq's first screenplay without a novel release, she has previously worked thrice with Momina, when she wrote mega-hit drama serials in Pakistan television history Humsafar,[4] Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu,[5] and Diyar-e-Dil.[6]

Song composition is done by Sahir Ali Bagga and Sohail Haider while background music is given by Mohsin AllahDitta who chose singers like Bushra Ansari, Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed for singing. It was Insari and Kiani's second collaboration after Pakistan Idol.[53] Kiani and Saeed collaborated on the title song and also provided the vocals for the characters of Meeran and Arsh (portrayed by Saeed).[54] There were discussions laid on its time slot, previously it was announced that the show will air on Saturdays replacing Durad's Gul-e-Rana. However, due to promotional reasons and Slot importance the show was given time slot of Sundays, 8:00 pm, whereas the long running series, Abroo was given a time slot of Saturdays.[55] Udaari was initially planned to be released in 2017 after completion of filming but Duraid decided to release it in 2016 to For higher ratings to her channel. It was released in April and was planned to end along with Hum TV's Mann Mayal thereby both the shows were slotted to maintain Sunday and Monday slots to bring higher Television Rating Points (TRP) to them for the future.


Samiya Mumtaz portrays Saajida's

Producer, writer and Director mutually chose the cast which includes Bushra Ansari, Samiya Mumtaz, Ahsan Khan, Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed and Hina Altaf Khan and Areesha Ahsan to play the leading roles of Sheedhan, Sajida, Imtiaz, Meera, Arsh and Zebo.[2][56][57]

Veteran Actress Bushra Ansari was cast to portray the role of Rashida Bibi after her appraisal for her role in Kis Ki Ayeegi Baraat series,[58] and Bilqees Kaur. The actress received critical acclaim within the pilot episode, according to her, this role was a challenge.

Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed marked their second appearance together as a couple being previously acted in Ary Digital's Mere Ajnaabi.[59][60][61]

Udaari was Samiya Mumtaz's second collaboration with Momina Duraid and Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, she previously acted in drama-serial Sadqay Tumhare[57][62] after which she was finalised to portray the role of Sajida.[63] Alongside Mumtaz, actress Hina Altaf Khan was cast to portray series's the pivotal character of Zebo.[64][65][66][67][68] Zebo's role was initially portrayed by Areesha Ahsan as child artist. [69][68][70]

Udaari was Ahsan Khan's first portrayal of a negative role. Khan was cast to portray the role of 'Imtiaz a pedophile,[2][52][71][72] this role was initially offered to actor Mikaal Zulfiqar who rejected it due to its grey personality. Speaking about difficulty in portraying this role, Khan states that Even while reading the script, I could not digest these scenes. It is definitely the most difficult character to portray on-screen, further sommecfting on his role Khan states Such abuse leaves the child traumatised forever. My maid's child was suffering from it and that's what made me realise that I need to spread awareness.[71]

Production also chose Behroze Sabzwari, Laila Zuberi, Maryam Fatima, Rehan Sheikh, Haris Waheed and Aqeel Abbas for the supporting roles of Khalid, Muneera, Farwa, Majid, Illyas and Balay respectively.[1] Sabzwari received critical acclaim for his role of Tajamul in Duraid's Diyar-e-Dil, he was selected to portray Khalid alongside Zuberi who joined the series after her previous project Mann Mayal with Duraid.[73]

Music and sound[edit]

OST Vocalists Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed

All the music and songs of Udaari were composed by musician Sahir Ali Bagga and Sohail Haider with Mubarak and Zahid being the sound engineer. The background score is given by Bilal Allahdittah, the lyrics for the OST were penned down by Imran Raza. The OST Sajna Ve Sajna was sung by Farhan Saeed and Hadiqa Kiani.[74][75] It marks the return of Hadiqa Kiani to Hum TV, since she performed for the channel's hit drama series Zindagi Gulzar Hai's title song. Veteran actress and vocalist Bushra Ansari performed only Punjabi music for various episodes. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's Samjhawanki was taken and performed by Hadiqa Kiani for the series.

Udaari's full OST was released in May 2016. Saajna Ve Saajna received critical acclaim for Sahir Ali Bagga and Sohail Haider for comping and Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed for vocals. The Series dominated the Top No.1 rank according to Pakistan's Official Music App Taazi.[76][77] "Mein Tenu Samjhawanki" received critical acclaim and success.[78]

Filming and locations[edit]

Principal photography and filming began in February 2016[51] and finishes in June 2016,[79] with approximately 25 episodes.[79] Shooting was extensively done in Multan's village Mirpur Khas and in Karachi.[80] Udaari's first promo was released in March 2016.[81] Chief editing and cinematography was done by Azhar Ali who edited the series.

Post Production and Pre-release[edit]

Press Conference[edit]

On 7 April 2016 a press conference was held for Udaari. The programme, hosted by Shanaz Ramzi, CEO Starlinks PR began the proceedings with the series's introduction. Producer Momina Duraid said that some of the actors came out of their comfort zones for the roles that they portrayed. Furthermore, Roshaneh Zafar from Kashf Foundation reflected on common rape cases in Kasur city which led them to produce a screenplay for awarenesses against child-sexual abuse. Director Ehteshamuddin, revealed how challengingvit had been to get the writer, Farhat Ishtiaq to write the script, as not only was the subject a difficult one to portray on screen but it also needed a script that was very close to reality. Bushra Ansari shared her role which is that of a woman who is extremely confident but unrefined, and embodies the real culture of Pakistan's rural areas. She regaled the media present with her quick vivid descriptions and stories painted about the time on set in Mirpur Khas.[82]


Udaari OST
Soundtrack album by
Released12 April 2016 (2016-04-12)
GenreTelevision soundtrack
LanguagePunjabi, Urdu
LabelM.D Productions and Kashf Foundation
ProducerMomina Duraid

The title song of Udaari was composed by musician Sahir Ali Bagga and Sohail Haider, the lyrics were penned down by Imran Raza. The OST was sung by Farhan Saeed and Hadiqa Kiani.[74][75] It marks the return of Hadiqa Kiani to Hum TV, since she performed for the channel's hit drama series Zindagi Gulzar Hai's title song.

The Soundtrack is produced along with the series production by Momina Duraid and Kashf Productions. The original music was recorded by the production house itself while few songs used in the show were covers of previous classics, including the song Mein Tenu Samjhawanki which was sung by Hadiqa Kiani. Actress Bushra Ansari revamped classic Punjabi Pakistani songs.

Udaari's full OST was released in May 2016. Saajna Ve Saajna received critical acclaim for Sahir Ali Bagga and Sohail Haider for comping and Hadiqa Kiani and Farhan Saeed for vocals. The Series dominated the Top No.1 rank according to Pakistan's Official Music App Taazi.[76][77] "Mein Tenu Samjhawanki" received critical acclaim and success.[78]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics are written by Imran Raza; all music is composed by Sahir Ali Bagga & Sohail Haider.

1."Sajna ve Sajna"Hadiqa Kiani & Farhan Saeed6:32
2."Alif Allah Chambe di booti"Bushra Ansari2:00
3."Main Tenu Samjhawan"Hadiqa Kiani3:06
4."Udaari (Instrument)"Hadiqa Kiani & Farhan Saeed4:33
5."Kukra Dhamidiya"Bushra Ansari1:19
6."Mere Banre Tey"Bushra Ansari1:10
7."Bol Ke Lab"Hadiqa Kiani & Farhan Saeed4:40
8."Pehli Pehli Vaari"Bushra Ansari2:32
9."Jab Se Mile Tum"Farhan Saeed1:22
Total length:16:22

Broadcast and release[edit]


Udaari was originally decided to release in September after completion of filming in July and post production delays, but instead Production decided to release it in April. With its release, it was initially decided to premiere on 9 April 2016, and air every Saturday night with higher reception, replacing Gul-e-Rana which had maintained the slot with a high viewership for the channel.[55] But to maintain their Sunday slot, the channel instead released Udaari on 10 April 2016, airing every Sunday night, replacing Abro, which was then shifted to Saturdays. The channel aired a weekly episode for approximately 30–45 minutes (without commercials). It was ordered and compromised 25 episodes. It was aired on Hum Europe in UK,[83] on Hum TV USA in USA[83] and Hum TV Mena on UAE,[83] with same timings and premiered date. All International broadcasting aired the series in accordance with their standard times.

Homa media and digital release[edit]

Udaari was released on Hum TV's youtube channel alongside its airing but in 2017, it was taken off. It was also released on a DVD set on late November 2016. In January 2017, iflix app streamed Udaari on a subscription basis but was pulled off by the channel in 2018. In December 2019, ‘’Udaari’’ was digitally released again by Hum TV on their youtube channel with all its music removed. Furthermore, the show is also available on MX Player.



Number of Episodes Timeslot (PST) Premiere Finale TV Season Rank (2016) Overall viewership
Date PAK Viewers
Television Rating Points (TRP) Date PAK Viewers
Television Rating Points (TRP)
08:00 pm
10 April 2016 (2016-04-10)
19[84] 4.9
25 September 2016 (2016-09-25)
29[85] 10 2016 No #1 18.67

Udaari's ratings were announced by Hum TV on their official Facebook page. Udaari premiered with 4.9 Television Rating Points (TRPs), the third episode also scored 4.9 TRPs. With the fourth episode, ratings increased to 5.5 TRPs and with episode six it gained 4.0 TRPs. On its eighth episode,Udaari scored a hit by jumping to 7.1 TRPs, the series averaged 6 TRPs till episode thirteen where as on episode fourteen the series once again bought a higher point of 7.3 TRP, next week the series bought Its highest ratings of 7.8 TRP. Udaari was Ramadan's most watched show where viewership decreases, the series received higher viewership leaving behind several gameshows. On its sixteenth episode, Udaari received 6.2 TRPs, it was expected to score the same next week but it peaked at 7.3 TRPs on its seventeenth episode. On Its eighteenth episode Udaari moved further receiving 7.8 TRPs. Close to its finale Udaari peaked at 6.0 TRPs on its Twentieth episode and 6.6TRPs on its Twenty first episode. The Last episode of Udaari averaged 6.8TRP at 20:00, after 21:00 it averaged 7.9 TRPs peaking at points above 10 TRP's.


On episode eleven, Udaari scored 11.5 Million Viewership[24] followed by episode twelve which gained 11.9 Million viewers,[26] with further episodes it averaged viewership in millions. After Averaging a viewership of 70 Thousand viewers till episode seventeen, the eighteenth episode gained a record breaking viewership for the series of 16.5 Million viewers.[38] On a scale of Top ten shows of Pakistan in 2016,Udaari had dominated the No. #2 spot where as another Hum TV series, Mann Mayal dominated the No. #1 position. Both the shows bought a higher reception for the channel. The series competed with Geo TV's most expensive Pakistani series, Mor Mahal which was then shifted to 22:00 slot between the course of show.

Episode Ranking[edit]

Udaari episode rankings in the P.A.K. television market
Episode Timeslot (PST) TV season Rank (overall) Timeslot Rank Viewers
2 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #2 #2 21[86]
5 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #2 #1 21[87]
8 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #2 #1 27[88]
12 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #2 #1 27[89]
18 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #1 #1 27[90]
22 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #1 #1 26[90]
25 Sunday 8:00pm/20:00 2016 #1 #1 30[91]

Critical appreciation[edit]

Actors Bushra Ansari and Ahsan Khan earned the most critical acclaim in 2016 for their portrayals.[69] Commenting on his character's acclaim, Khan stated It's a huge honour for me to receive this appreciation from one of the greatest villains of all times.[92] Imtiaz's character was also internationally recognised, with earning critical acclaim from Indian artists Reena Roy and Alka Yagnik. Speaking about series reviews from India, Khan states Udaari isn't being aired in India currently but these two stars have been watching my show on YouTube. I really appreciate their love and support.[92]

Writing for Dawn News, Sadaf Haider moderately reviewed the series praising its parody if culture saying, Udaari reads like a brightly colored map of Pakistani society today. Divisions of class and wealth are amply illustrated but so are everyday human interactions.[93] Furthermore, Haider praises the casting stating, Udaari has a strong star cast and it looks as if we will see some great performances.[93] She concluded her review saying that Udaari seems like a safe bet for some informative and enjoyable hour every Sunday.[93] In April issue of The Express Tribune, Udaari was ranked third behind Mann Mayal and Dillagi'.[3]

Khan and Bushra Ansari received immense popularity and appraisal for their portrayal of Imtiaz and Sheedan.

However, Sheeba Khan of Dawn praised the series script and characters saying, ..Udaari, gave an astounding opening this week with its larger than life first episode. After watching the serial, one is blown away by the phenomenal acting and superb characterization in this drama.[94] Moreover, Khan praised Udaari's premier and culture saying Udaari has a very impressive opening with flamboyant characters and their dull sides of life. Every actor is immersed into the feel of his and her role, and gives a magnificent performance. All of them have acquired Punjabi accents with so much ease and grace that it will make you think as if they are not just characters, but are real people from an actual rural setting.[94] She concluded her issue praising Farhat Ishtiaq's writing saying The best part about Udaari is its characterization of each actor, for which the writer Farhat Ishtiaq should be applauded.[2]

Sadaf Haider of Dawn News praised Udaari's direction saying, "Udaari's success lies firmly with director Ehtashamuddin's masterful ability to translate Farhat Ishtiaq's wonderful script flawlessly to the screen. He has elicited some great performances from his team and made sure this wide-ranging storyline did not lose its way".[95] Furthermore, she stated that even after Seven episodes, "Uddari is successfully topping rating charts".[95] Talking about same publication, Sheeba Khan praised the Urban and rural life combination for Dawn's review, Khan states, "The director has managed to extract the best out of all of his actors and has shown a great amount of sensitivity to what should be projected on screen. Sexual abuse is a huge issue in Pakistan, yet for some odd reason has become a taboo and cannot be spoken about".[96] Lastly she praised the theme of child abuse and societal issues by saying, "Pairing a debate on sexual abuse with a commentary on parenting is a smart move, and just shows how, of all the plays running right now, Udaari is not only intelligent and real, it highlights issues in society that need attention so they can be prevented. It shows that victims need not keep quiet and that their families should be their first line of defence".[97] Further more Sadaf Haider praised the roles of Ahsan Khan and Samiya Mumtaz praising Sajida's positivity for her Daughter Zebo, according to her reviews, was Mumtaz's most powerful role, where she portrayed the role of a village women with an extreme powerful getup sparking her role.[63]

Dawn News's article Sadaf Haider praised the Twenty first episode of Udaari with series giving its message, Haider praised the character of Zebo and Arsh stating, "Most significant of all, instead of lecturing Zebo to do the right thing, Arsh becomes a true hero by empowering her and showing her a way to take control of her life. He explains that any shame or guilt is not her burden to carry; all of it should be firmly placed on the perpetrator's shoulders, never the victim's."[98]

While talking to local media about, Urwa Hocane portraying the role of Meera discussed the importance of the drama and social taboos like child abuse and rape. Hocane said, "It's about time for women to talk about this. I think Udaari has brought a change. The people who wanted to ban it couldn't because of the people who wanted the drama to bring about a change. Girls don't speak about such things. I am probably destined to change that mindset."[99] Furthermore, talking about her role of Meera being a local musician, Hocane stated, "I want to change the mindset of people. Bushra jee told me that the word miraasi comes from miraas. You should be proud of it rather than feel horrible about it."[99]

In addition to critical reviews Imtiaz's character received wide media attention and has been a subject of popularity since the beginning, commenting in his role Ahsan Khan stated that "Even while reading the script, I could not digest these scenes. It is definitely the most difficult character to portray on-screen".[100] Moreover, Khan decided to donate 20% of his fee from the serial to the victims of the heinous crime, he also began working with an NGO to make his contributions more substantial and concrete.[101] Khan commented on the series theme "child abuse" stating, "Such abuse leaves the child traumatised forever. My maid's child was suffering from it and that's what made me realise that I need to spread awareness."[71] commenting on critical acclaim Khan stated "It's a huge honour for me to receive this appreciation from one of the greatest villains of all times."[92] Khan's negative role of child molester earned him critical acclaim.[69]

Moreover, Fatima Awan of Review It praised the role of rape-victim Zebo, according to her Udaari played a major role in educating their audience against communal crimes. Apart from sexual abuse, Awan also commented on other societal issues such as politician's negative support and bribing police which plays a major role in societies. Role of Zebo was furthermore praised where Awan states that every girl should stand for her justice and live her life not as a victim but a survivor.[102] Further more Awan commented on the final episode of Udaari where she praised the roles of Zebo, Sajida, Imtiaz, Arsh, Muneera, Meera and Sheedan. With Arsh (Portrayed by Farhan Saeed) Awan praised the message he gave against child sexual abuse and for the favour of Women rights, she praised the roles of Sajida and Zebo where the two finally sealed justice and of Munnera educating her society. According to her review, Udaari has proved o be the major commercial success of 2016.[103]


On 10 May 2016, 'Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority' (PEMRA) issued a notice against Udaari calming that it had inappropriate content for Television audiences.[104][105][106][107] However, on 25 May 2016 Momina Duraid responded PREMRA regarding the reality of society and responded the issue, as a result the issue was taken back.[108][109][110] Further more Duraid stated that, We feel that Pemra might have been misled by a group of people who would never want our society to raise and flourish. We will explain our view point and present it with evidence. We are attaching articles and feedback supporting Udaari with the our reply.[110] Following this Udaari received support from several audiences and various TV Artists.[111]

Awards and accolades[edit]

Year Award Date Category Recipient(s) Result Ref.
Hum Awards April 29, 2017
22 July 2017 (televised)
Best Drama Serial (Jury) Momina Duraid Won
Best Drama Serial - Popular Won
Best Director Drama Serial Mohammed Ehteshamuddin Won
Best Actor (Jury) Ahsan Khan Won
Best Actor in a Negative Role Won
Best Actor - popular Nominated
Most Impactful Character Nominated
Bushra Ansari Won
Best Actress - Popular Urwa Hocane Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Farhan Saeed Nominated
Best Writer Drama Serial Farhat Ishtiaq Won
Best Original Soundtrack Sajna ve Sajna by Hadiqa Kiani & Farhan Saeed Nominated
Best Onscreen Couple - Popular Farhan Saeed & Urwa Hocane Nominated
Best Onscreen Couple (Jury) Won
Honourable Award for Best Child Performance of the Year Arisha Ahsan Won
Lux Style Awards July 29, 2016
20 August 2016 (televised)
Best TV Play Momina Duraid Won
Best TV Director Mohammed Ehteshamuddin Won
Best Original Soundtrack Momina Duraid Nominated
Best Actor Ahsan Khan Won
Best TV Writer Farhat Ishtiaq Won
IPPA Awards 20 August 2016 (televised) Best Actor TV Ahsan Khan Won
Best TV Director Mohammed Ehteshamuddin Won
Best Supporting Actor Farhan Saeed Nominated
Best Soundtrack of the Year Momina Duraid for Sajna ve Sajna Nominated
Best Actor (Male) Ahsan Khan Won
Best TV Writer Farhat Ishtiaq Won
Best on-screen couple Farhan Saeed & Urwa Hocane Won

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