Udayana Warmadewa

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Udayana Warmadewa
King of Bali

Udayana Warmadewa, also Dharmmodayana Warmadewa, was a king of the island of Bali in the 10th century.[1]:129 He belongs to the Warmadewa dynasty. He married to the Javanese queen Mahendradatta, also known as Gunapriyadharmapatni. Their son was the famous Airlangga, who replaced the overthrown emperor of Java Dharmawangsa, and ruled in both Java and his original home of Bali.[2]


Udayana is known as one of the earliest historical figure of ancient Bali. His identification as the father of the famous Airlangga, the hero-king of Java, has led him to be the prominence figure in Balinese history in par with ancient Java. As the result his name is associated with Balinese past greatness. In 1962 the Udayana University (Indonesian: Universitas Udayana), a public university was established in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. The university's name was derived from this king. Also, the Indonesian Army named their Bali-based Military Command Region (Kodam), in his honor, the Kodam IX/Udayana.


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