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Location of Uddel
Coordinates: 52°15′28″N 5°46′51″E / 52.25778°N 5.78083°E / 52.25778; 5.78083
Country Netherlands
Province Gelderland
Municipality Apeldoorn
Population (2008) 4,030
Uddel, church

Uddel is a village in the Netherlands, on the Veluwe, in the municipality of Apeldoorn, Gelderland, Netherlands. Uddel is located on the N310 from Elburg to Arnhem. The oldest mention of Uddel dates back to the year 792, as the settlement Uttiloch. The village had 4,030 inhabitants in 2008.

Uddel is a conservative Protestant village, located on the Dutch Bible Belt. In the 2006 municipal elections, 65 percent of the local population voted for the Reformed Political Party. The three Christian parties in the elections (the Reformed Political Party, the ChristianUnion and the Christian Democratic Appeal) had a combined total of almost 87 percent of the votes.

Notable inhabitants[edit]

Coordinates: 52°16′N 5°47′E / 52.267°N 5.783°E / 52.267; 5.783