Ude hishigi hara gatame

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Ude hishigi hara gatame
Ude hishigi hara gatame at standing position
Sub classificationKansetsu-waza
Technique name
EnglishSide-extended arm bar

Ude-Hishigi-Hara-Gatame (腕挫腹固) is one of the official 29 grappling techniques of Kodokan Judo. It is one of the nine joint techniques of the Kansetsu-waza list, one of the three grappling lists in Judo's Katame-waza[1] enumerating 29 grappling techniques.[2] All of Judo's competition legal joint techniques are arm locks.

Similar Techniques, Variants, and Aliases[edit]

Variants or Aliases:

  • Kata osae tai gatame ude kujiki
Kata osae tai gatame ude kujiki is a joint hold demonstrated in The Essence Of Judo feat. Kyuzo Mifune.
Examples of contests this finished
Win Dzmitry Shershan(Belarus) (3:32 Hara gatame[3]) Imad Bassou(Morocco) Loss IJF movie[3][4]

IJF Official Names:

  • Ude Hishigi Hara Gatame(腕挫腹固)
  • U.H. hara gatame
  • Hara gatame(腹固)
  • HGA


  • Stomach Armlock [1]

Included Systems[edit]


Technique History[edit]


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