Udine Half Marathon

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Udine Half Marathon
Piazza Liberta Udine.jpg
Piazza Liberta is the race start and finish point
DateLate September
LocationUdine, Italy
Event typeRoad
DistanceHalf marathon
Primary sponsorCiviBank
Course recordsMen:
Kenya Geoffrey Mutai 59:06
Kenya Margaret Okayo 1:07:23
Official siteUdine Half Marathon

The Udine Half Marathon (Italian: Maratonina Udine) is an annual road running event over the half marathon distance (21.1 km/13.1 mi) which takes place in late September in Udine, Italy.

The competition is organised by the Associazione Maratonina Udinese and was first held in 2000. It combines a mass race with elite level international participants. Around 1500 runners competed at the 2012 event and this grew to 2162 people the following year.[1][2] In addition to the main half marathon, there a number of other events held during the race weekend including separate divisions for handbikes and jogging strollers, a non-competitive 7-kilometre (4.3-mile) run called the STRAUdine, and nordic walking.[3]

The course for the race was used for the 2007 IAAF World Road Running Championships. This tournament produced the fastest men's and women's times for the half marathon ever run on Italian soil (58:59 minutes by Zersenay Tadese and 1:06:25 by Lornah Kiplagat).[4][5][6]

The course record holders are Geoffrey Mutai in the men's section (59:06 minutes) and Margaret Okayo in the women's section (1:07:23 hours).[7] Kenyan runners have dominated the elite race since its inauguration. All the men's winners have been from Kenya and Kenyan women have topped the podium on all but four occasions. Margaret Okayo won the competition three times in its first four years and Hungary's Anikó Kálovics has since matched that feat.

Past winners[edit]

Kenya's Margaret Okayo is the women's course record holder.

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2000  Japhet Kosgei (KEN) 1:00:22  Margaret Okayo (KEN) 1:09:03
2nd 2001  Japhet Kosgei (KEN) 1:01:23  Margaret Okayo (KEN) 1:08:51
3rd 2002  Patrick Ivuti (KEN) 59:45  Anne Jelagat (KEN) 1:08:58
4th 2003  James Kwambai (KEN) 1:00:38  Margaret Okayo (KEN) 1:07:23
5th 2004  James Kwambai (KEN) 1:00:22  Hellen Cherono (KEN) 1:10:07
6th 2005  Robert Kipchumba (KEN) 1:01:13  Pamela Chepchumba (KEN) 1:09:09
7th 2006  Evans Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:00:18  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:10:33
8th 2007  Solomon Rotich (KEN) 1:02:48  Nadia Ejjafini (ITA) 1:11:32
9th 2008  Benson Barus (KEN) 59:41  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:10:08
10th 2009  Benson Barus (KEN) 1:01:28  Pasalia Kipkoech (KEN) 1:11:11
11th 2010  William Chebor (KEN) 1:00:49  Anikó Kálovics (HUN) 1:11:34
12th 2011  Stephen Kibet (KEN) 1:00:20  Pauline Njeri (KEN) 1:10:42
13th 2012  Robert Chemosin (KEN) 1:00:23  Georgina Rono (KEN) 1:07:58
14th 2013  Geoffrey Mutai (KEN) 59:06  Goretti Chepkoech (KEN) 1:10:06
15th 2014  Ruggero Pertile (ITA) 1:04:48  Laila Soufyane (ITA) 1:13:20
16th 2015  Solomon Yego (KEN) 1:00:04  Violah Jepchumba (KEN) 1:09:29
17th 2016  Joash Koech (KEN) 1:02:04  Pauline Eyapan (KEN) 1:12:52
18th 2017  Noah Kigen (KEN) 1:01:12  Winfridah Moseti (KEN) 1:11:55
19th 2018  Moses Kemei (KEN) 1:01:14  Sara Dossena (ITA) 1:10:10


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List of winners
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