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Udo may refer to:


Medieval era[edit]

Modern era[edit]

  • Udo Anneken (1917–1997), German Wehrmacht officer in World War II, recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  • Udo Beyer (born 1955), former shot putter for East Germany
  • Udo Bölts (born 1966), German retired racing cyclist
  • Udo Bullmann (born 1956), German politician
  • Udo Cordes (1921-2007), German Luftwaffe officer in World War II, recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
  • Udo Dahmen (born 1951), German drummer and author
  • Udo Di Fabio (born 1954), German jurist
  • Udo Dirkschneider (born 1952), German heavy metal vocalist who formed the band U.D.O.
  • Udo Dziersk (born 1961), German painter
  • Udo Fortune (born 1988), Nigerian soccer player
  • Udo Gelhausen (born 1956), retired shot putter who competed for West Germany
  • Udo Hempel (born 1946), German retired road and track cyclist
  • Udo Horsmann (born 1952), German former footballer
  • Udo Jürgens (1934-2014), Austrian composer and singer
  • Udo Z. Karzi (born 1970), Indonesian writer
  • Udo Kasemets (born 1919), Estonian-Canadian composer
  • Udo Keppler (1872–1956), American cartoonist
  • Udo Kier (born 1944), German actor
  • Udo Kiessling (born 1955), first ice hockey player to compete in five Olympic Games (1976-1992)
  • Udo Lattek (1935–2015), German football player and coach and TV pundit
  • Udo Lehmann (born 1973), German former bobsledder
  • Udo Lindenberg (born 1946), German rock musician and composer
  • Udo Mechels (born 1976), Belgian musician often known simply as "Udo"
  • Udo Müller, East German slalom canoeist who competed in the 1970s
  • Udochukwu Udo Nwoko (born 1984), Maltese-Nigerian footballer
  • Udo Onwere (born 1971), English former footballer
  • Udo Pastörs (born 1952), German far-right politician
  • Udo Poser (born 1947), former swimmer who competed for East Germany
  • Udo Proksch (1934–2001), businessman, industrialist and murderer
  • Udo Quellmalz (born 1967), German judoka
  • Udo Raumann (born 1969), German former slalom canoer
  • Udo Riglewski (born 1966), German retired tennis player
  • Udo Samel (born 1953), German actor
  • Udo Schaefer (born 1926), German lawyer and Bahá'í author
  • Udo Schnelle (born 1952), German theologian and professor
  • Udo Schütz (born 1937), German racing driver
  • Udo Schwarz (born 1986), German international rugby union player
  • Udo Segreff (born 1973), German ice sledge hockey player
  • Udo Sellbach (1927-2006), German-Australian visual artist and educator
  • Udo Spreitzenbarth, German photographer
  • Udo Steinke (1942-1999), German writer
  • Udo Suzuki (born 1970), Japanese musician and comedian
  • Udo Voigt (born 1952), German politician and former soldier
  • Udo Wagner (born 1963), German fencer
  • Udo Walendy (born 1927), German author, historian, former soldier and Holocaust denier
  • Udo Weilacher (born 1963, German landscape architect, author and professor
  • Udo Werner, West German slalom canoeist who competed from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s
  • Udo von Woyrsch (1895–1983), high-ranking Nazi SS officer responsible for numerous murders during the Holocaust
  • Udo Zander (born 1959), Swedish organizational theorist and former professor of business administration
  • Udo Zimmermann (born 1943), German composer, music director and conductor


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