Tatsuya Ueda

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Tatsuya Ueda
Born (1983-10-04) October 4, 1983 (age 34)
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Genres J-pop
Years active 1998–present
Labels J-One Records
Associated acts
  • B.B.A.
  • M.A.D.
  • B.B.D.
  • Toshi Otoko Unit
  • MOUSE PEACE (Solo concert's band)
Website Johnny's Net
J-One Records

Tatsuya Ueda (上田 竜也, Ueda Tatsuya, born on October 4, 1983),[1] is a Japanese idol, singer, and actor from the Japanese idol group KAT-TUN. Born in Kanagawa in Japan, he joined the Japanese talent agency, Johnny & Associates in 1998. In March 2006 he debuted as a member of the Japanese boy band KAT-TUN and is under Johnny & Associates management. The group's name was an acronym based on the first letter of each member's family name until the departure of Jin Akanishi in 2010, and Koki Tanaka in 2013. Junnosuke Taguchi left the band a well in 2016. After Tanaka's and Taguchi's withdrawal, Ueda took the T's for TaTsuya. As of 2016, KAT-TUN stands for Kazuya KAmenashi, TaTsuya Ueda, and Yuichi Nakamaru. Ueda is very athletic, and his favorite hobbies include Boxing and running.

Group participation[edit]

  • B.B.A.
  • M.A.D.
  • B.B.D.
  • Toshi Otoko Unit
  • MOUSE PEACE (Solo concert's band)


  • Joined Johnny & Associates after the audition on June 22, 1998.[2]
  • In 2001, he was grouped up as KAT-TUN for an NHK program "Pop Jam" to backdance for Kinki Kid's Koichi Domoto. On March 22, 2006, he debuted as KAT-TUN by releasing "Real Face" single.
  • On September 8–21, 2008, he held his first solo concert tour called "MOUSE PEACE".
  • In 2009, he first starred as Romeo in a stageplay "Romeo and Juliet," at Tokyo Globe Theatre (March 4–29, 2009) and Sankei Hall Breeze (April 2–5, 2009). In addition, in April, he debuted in a Fuji TV drama series "Konkatsu!".
  • On August 4–3 October 2010, he held his solo concert, "MOUSE PEACE uniting with FiVe TATSUYA UEDA LIVE 2010".
  • In October 2011, Ueda announced his second drama series, "Runaway~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni" on TBS. He was reported to shave his head during a scene in the drama.[3]
  • In May 2012, Ueda announced his third drama series, "Boys on the Run" on TV Asahi.
  • In October 2013, it was announced that Ueda will be starring in a stage play next year titled "Tōmin suru kuma ni soine shite goran". It will be Ueda's stage comeback since "Romeo and Juliet".


  • 2000 - Kowai Nichiyoubi (NTV, episode 8, episode 15)
  • 2001 - Shijou Saiyaku no Date
  • 2009 - Konkatsu! (Fuji TV) - Kuniyasu Amamiya
  • 2011 - Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~ (TBS) - Kuya Takimoto
  • 2012 - Boys on the Run (TV Asahi) - Ryuu Andou
  • 2017 - Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito (NTV) - Tsuruta Kamekichi
  • 2017 - Shinjuku Seven (TV Tokyo) - Nanase


  • Eien no zero (2013)

Stage plays[edit]

  • SHOW geki SHOCK (2001, 2002)
  • SHOCK is Real Shock (2003)
  • Hey! Say! Dream Boy (2005)
  • Dream Boys (2006)
  • Romeo and Juliet (2009)
  • Tōmin suru kuma ni soine shite goran (2014)
  • Aoi Hitomi (2015)[4]

Solo concerts[edit]

  • TATSUYA UEDA LIVE 2008 『MOUSE PEACE』 (September 8–21, 2008, at Johnnys Theatre)
  • MOUSE PEACE uniting with FiVe TATSUYA UEDA LIVE 2010 (August 4 - October 3, 2010, 7 performances in 5 cities)


Solo songs and Duets[edit]

Year Title Details
2006 Butterfly Duet with former KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi. Featured in album Best of KAT-TUN
2007 Lost Featured in album Cartoon KAT-TUN II You
2008 Ai no Hana Featured in single Don't U Ever Stop
2009 Hana no Mau Machi Featured in album Break the Records: By You & For You
2010 Rabbit or Wolf? Featured in album No More Pain
2010 NEET Man ニートまん Featured in single Change Ur World
2012 ~Again Featured in album Chain
2013 Monster Night Featured in mini-album Kusabi
2014 Art of Life Featured in album Come Here
2015 Arigatou Duet with Kamenashi Kazuya. Featured in single Kiss Kiss Kiss


Years Awards
  • TVNavi Magazine Awards [Summer 2009]: Best Newcomer for "Konkatsu!"[5]