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Uetersen Stadtwerkehaus.jpg
Coat of arms of Uetersen
Coat of arms
Uetersen   is located in Germany
Coordinates: 53°41′14″N 9°40′9″E / 53.68722°N 9.66917°E / 53.68722; 9.66917Coordinates: 53°41′14″N 9°40′9″E / 53.68722°N 9.66917°E / 53.68722; 9.66917
Country Germany
State Schleswig-Holstein
District Pinneberg
 • Mayor Andrea Hansen
 • Total 11.43 km2 (4.41 sq mi)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
 • Total 18,101
 • Density 1,600/km2 (4,100/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 25436
Dialling codes 04122
Vehicle registration PI

Uetersen (German pronunciation: [ˈyːtɐzən], formerly known as Ütersen (Holstein)) is a city in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated approximately 7 km (4.3 mi) south of Elmshorn, and 30 km (19 mi) northwest of Hamburg at the small Pinnau River, close to the Elbe river. Uetersen is home to the Rosarium Uetersen, the oldest and largest rose garden in Northern Germany, created in 1929.


The name of the city Uetersen, "utmost end", probably arose because it is "at the extreme end", referring to the fact that its location is at the transition to the geest Seestermüher marsh. But there is also the suspicion that the name of "Ütersteen" showing what "ultra-stone" or "Ütristina", the old name of Pinnau originates.[clarification needed]

Mayors since 1870[edit]

Years Name
1870–1900 Ernst-Heinrich Meßtorff
1900–1914 Heinrich Muuß
1914–1918 Ernst Ladewig Meyn
1918–1930 Jakob Christians
1930–1933 Heinrich Wellenbring (SPD)
1933 Ferdinand Bauth (acting)
1933–1945 Hermann Dölling (NSDAP)
1945 Heinrich Stühmeyer (acting)
Years Name
1945–1956 Heinrich Wilkens (SPD)
1956–1964 Dr. Jürgen Frenzel (SPD)
1964–1988 Waldemar Dudda (SPD)
1988–1994 Wolfgang Bromma (SPD)
1994–2003 Karl Gustav Tewes
2003–2009 Wolfgang Wiech
2009– Andrea Hansen

Coat of arms[edit]

Blazon:In a red shield is a silver (= white) gate without any door. The wall has six pinnacles. There is a silver (= white) tower on each side, having two windows each and topped by silver (= white) triangular roofs. Between the towers there is the nettle-leaf of the Counts of Holstein. In the open door at the base there stands a silver (= white) S-shaped object, which might show Virgin Mary and Jesus, standing upon a golden (= yellow) lying moon crescent and flanked by two golden (= yellow) stars on a red background. Below the door is a blue field probably symbolizing water.[2]

Notable people[edit]

Known Uetersener[edit]

A list of people who were born in Uetersen, live or have lived and work in the town or have been involved with it.

More people who are closely linked to Uetersen[edit]

These people have lived in Uetersen or are closely linked to the town. They have contributed to the reputation of the town or to the general welfare of the population.

International relations[edit]

Uetersen is twinned with:


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