Uganda Clays Limited

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Uganda Clays Limited
Public Company
Industry Construction
Founded 1950
Headquarters Kajjansi, Uganda
Key people
Martin Aliker
George Inholo
managing director and chief executive officer[1]
Services Building materials
Revenue Increase (Aftertax) US$2.3 million (2015)[2]
Total assets UGX:62.56 billion (2015)[3]
Number of employees
652 (2014)[4]
Website Homepage

Uganda Clays Limited (UCL), commonly referred to as Uganda Clays, is a building materials manufacturer in Uganda. The company manufactures baked clay building products, using Italian-made heavy clay processing machinery. The clay is excavated using surface mining techniques. The company is listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE), being the first equity to list on the exchange in 2000.[5]


UCL's products include roofing tiles, bricks, interlocking and corner blocks, partitioning blocks, decorative grilles, ventilators, floor tiles, pipes, and cable covers. Of UCL's products, roofing tiles and bricks account for the largest portion of revenues generated from sales contributing 53 percent and 11 percent, respectively.[6] The company sells its products within the East African Community and in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The civil war in South Sudan forced UCL to close operations in that country in 2014.[2]


As of December 2015, the total assets of the company were UGX:62.56 billion.[3] During the financial year ending 31 December 2015, the company had an after-tax profit of US$2.3 million.[2]


UCL was started on 10 July 1950 by two private investors. In 1969, ownership of the company was turned over to Westomat Construction and Engineering Corporation (WCEC). In 1977, WCEC sold 75 percent of UCL to the National Housing and Construction Company, a parastatal company of the government of Uganda. Shareholding in UCL has changed hands many times. Over the years, the following entities have held partial ownership in the company:[7]


As of December 2015, the shareholding in the stock of the company, was as depicted in the table below:[4]

Uganda Clays Limited Stock Ownership
Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 National Social Security Fund (Uganda) 32.52
2 National Insurance Corporation 17.86
3 Central Bank of Kenya Employee Pension Fund 2.66
4 Kenya Power and Lighting Company 2.25
5 Uganda Communications Employees Contribution Plan 2.19
6 Bank of Uganda Staff Retirement Plan 2.09
7 Kenya Airways Staff Provident Fund 1.67
8 Joseph & Ketrah Tukuratiire 1.41
9 Uganda Development Bank 1.13
10 National Social Security Fund Staff Investment Plan 1.06
11 2,617 Other Shareholders 35.17
Total 100.00

Governance and management[edit]

UCL is governed by a nine-person board of directors, chaired by Martin Aliker, an independent non-executive director. The company is divided into five administrative departments under the overall supervision of the managing director, George Inholo.[4]


As of 31 December 2014, UCL operated two factories: [4]


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