Uganda Military Academy

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Uganda Military Academy
Type National military academy
Established 2007
Location Kabamba, Mubende District,  Uganda
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The Uganda Military Academy, is a military academy in Uganda, East Africa. Traditionally, graduates of the Military Academy are commissioned as officers in the Uganda People's Defence Force. Other African countries also send their cadets to the academy for training.[1]


The military academy is located in the town of Kabamba, approximately 53 kilometres (33 mi), by road, southwest of the town of Mubende, in Mubende District, Central Uganda.[2] Kabamba is located approximately 190 kilometres (120 mi), west of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the country's largest city.[3] The coordinates of Kabamba are:0°15'00.0"N, 31°11'06.0"E (Latitude:0.2500; Longitude:31.1850).[4]


The academy was formed in 2007 by merging the Cadet Officer School, which was originally housed at Jinja,[5] with the Uganda School of Infantry, originally housed at Kabamba. As of June 2014 the military leadership at the academy is not publicly known. Past Commandants at the institution have included Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti and the late Brigadier Clovis Kalyebara. Mathew Gureme and Brigadier Dick Olum have each served as Chief Instructors at the Academy.[6]


The Military Academy aims to prepare and qualify cadets to become combat officers capable of commanding their units during times of peace and war, under various psychological, physical and morale conditions. Through scientific and cultural training that enables them to efficiently adapt to the advances in military science, cadets are schooled to maintain the highest level of combat efficiency and morale within their units.

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