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Ugartsthal is located in Ukraine
Coordinates: 49°01′56″N 24°17′33″E / 49.03222°N 24.29250°E / 49.03222; 24.29250
Country Ukraine Ukraine
Oblast Ivano-Frankivsk
Raion Kalush

Ugartsthal, a village, German colony in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria in the administrative district of Kalush, today in Ivano-Frankivsk Province in Ukraine 7 km (4 mi) on the west from Kalush (district - court, railway station, office postal and telegraph). On the north lies Wierzchnia and Mościska, to the east Kalush, to the south Siwka, on the west - a village Kropiwnik (ukr. Kropyvnyk). Through the centre of village flows the Kropiwnik stream; through northern part flows Froniłów or Fornelów; left inflow of Kropiwnik Buildings of the village lie near the border of Siwka (Mt. 316 m.). The village creates one commune with Siwka.


In 1880 there were 62 houses, 423 inhabitants in the commune, (43 Greek-Catholic, 3 Roman-Catholic, 365 Protestants, 12 Israelites; 14 Poles, 43 Rusins (Ruthenian, old name for the Ukrainians), 366 Germans). The Evangelical Parish in the place from 1784, the church from 1788 . To the parish belongs 3320 souls. Branches: Landestreu, Nowica, and Petranka. In the village there is a religious school and communal loan-society (Earning Cashier) with capital 535 złr. The Ugartsthal name of the village, and other similar localities (e.g. Ugartsberg) originate from the name of the contemporary Austrian margrave of Moravia, Alois Ugarte. The German settlements were established on the base of so-called Josephine colonization.

The name of Ugartsthal was changed by Polish administration in the late 1930s to Tespowo.

The village of Landestreu changed at the same time the name to Mazurówka.

In the Samuel Bredetzky's register in Ugartsthal there are found 63 families, (327 "souls" - persons). Pastorate embraced following localities: Ugartsthal, Landestreu, Kałusz, Neu-Dolina, Engelsberg, Horocholina, Wełdzirz, Stanisławów, Bohorodczany, Grabowiec, Sołotwina, Nowica, Petranka, Krasna.

Founders of Ugartsthal[edit]

  1. Friedrich Moßmann from Alba bei Kusel in Chur'schen Electorate of the Palatinate (Kurpfalz), shepherd, wife Marie Kath. Dressler (in) from Bingert by Kreuznach Electorate of the Palatinate (Kurpfalz)
  2. Johannes Harz, farmer (Bauer), Altleiningen in the Electorate of the Palatinate (Kurpfalz), County Leiningen
  3. Benjamin Appel, bachelor, bricklayer, Bayreuth in Bavaria (Bayern)
  4. Joh. Nik. Gross, born 1766, farmer, Braunweiler in Nassau - Weilburg House of Nassau-Weilburg, Herzogtum Nassau
  5. Maria Christina Kuhlmann, née Wirth, from Bechtolsheim (Hessen), the wife of the farmer (Landwirt) Joh. Carl Kuhlmann,
  6. Christina Elis. Schramm née Koch, from Bechtolsheim, the wife of Johann Schramm, shoemaker
  7. Daniel Schäfer from Bettenhausen Bennhausen, dep. Donnersberg.
  8. Heinr. Ebling and his wife Christine née Weiss, from Bettenhausen Bennhausen, as above
  9. Georg Daniel Matheuß, farmer from Bosenbach(Pfalz - Zweibrücken), and his wife Marg. Niebergall from Nußbaum
  10. Joh. Nikolaus Layh (also Leib, Layb), farmer from Dürkheim, count Leiningen,
  11. Joh. Adam Kitsch, farmer from Erpolzheim (Pfalz), and his wife Anna Maria Kohlenberg(in)
  12. Georg Joh. Endel, farmer from Eschbourg in Nassau – Saarbrücken (Alsace), and his wife Maria Kath. Kohlenberg(in)
  13. Nikolaus Entel, settler from Eschbourg in Nassau - Saarbrücken, and his wife Anna Barbara Beren(in)
  14. Margaretha Rückert, née Ernst from Gochsheim in Baden, the wife of Georg Christian Rückert,
  15. Friederika Ernst, Gochsheim
  16. Christina Gebhardt, weaver from Germersheim in Pfalz,
  17. Joh. Lorenz Hackenschmied, tailor from Münchweiler an der Alsenz by Gonbach (Glan-Műnchweiller), and his wife Maria Marg. Mann(in)
  18. Joh. Karl Kullmann, farmer from Göttschied (Idar-Oberstein) in Baden – Durlach (Birkenfeld?), and his wife Maria Christina Wirth, a widow to Harth
  19. Gottfried Huth, joiner from Größingen in Wirtemberg, wife Sara Hohr(in)
  20. Abraham Bauer from Gumbsweiler (near Glan, dep. Donnersberg, canton Wolfstein), wife Maria Barbara Hartmann,
  21. Margaretha Göretz née Müller, from Hasskirchen in Nassau - Saarbrücken, wife of the weaver Wilhelm Göretz from Fleisheim
  22. Margaretha Gerlipp née Andress(in) from Harrheim, wife of the farmer Heinrich Gerlipp from Wachenheim Wachenheim (Pfrimm)
  23. Eva Rosina, widow to Gross, née Andress from Harrheim
  24. Friedrich Andress, farmer from Harrheim, and his wife Anna Maria Prinz(in)
  25. Marg. Elis. Burkhardt née Ried, from Heidelsheim Bruchsal(Baden), the wife of the teacher Philipp Heinrich Burkhardt
  26. Peter Göretz, bricklayer from Ibesheim (Ilgesheim, Iggelheim) in the count Grumbach, and his wife Maria Elis. Bishop from Münchweiller on Glan Glan-Münchweiler
  27. Anna Maria Walter née Spang, from Imsbach in Baden - Durlach, wife of Joh. Jakob Walter
  28. Heinrich Müller, weaver (Leinweber) from Ipresheim in Alsace, and his wife Maria Elis. Hackenschmidt
  29. Joh. Christian Wirth, farmer from Kesselbach in Nassau-Usingen, and his wife Maria Kath. Rickert (Rückert)
  30. Friedrich Wirth, born 1759, from Kesselbach, and his wife El. M. Rickert
  31. Kath. Christine Müller née Bieber, from Kirrberg in Nassau - Saarbrücken, wife of the farmer Ludwig Müller from Haaskirchen (surely Harskirchen)
  32. Anna Maria Barbara Andress née Prinz, from Kufersheim in Principality Salm (Fürstentum of Salm), a wife of Friedrich Andress from Harrheim
  33. Anna Elisabeth, widow to Schuhmann, Prinz, from Kufersheim
  34. Christina, widow to Rosch, née Prinz, from Kufersheim
  35. Johannes Prinz, from Kufersheim
  36. Elis. Dorothea Rückert née Föllner, from Kinderheim in Pfalz, wife of the farmer Joh. Georg Rückert from Orlau in Prussia, today Orłowo by Nidzica
  37. Elis. Dorothea, widow to Layh, née Bender, from Kinderheim
  38. Anna Maria Kitsch née Kohlenberg, from Lambrecht in Pfalz, wife of Joh. Adam Kitsch from Erpolzheim
  39. Maria Elis. Messner, seamstress, from Mannweiler Mannweiler-Cöllnin Pfalz
  40. Gertrude Schmied, (widow?), from Mannheim (Baden)
  41. Philipp Heinrich Burkhardt, teacher from Morbach in Hunsrück, and his wife Marg. Elis. Ried from Heidelsheim Bruchsal
  42. Marie Elis. Göretz née Bishop from Münchweiler (on Glan) Glan-Münchweiler in Leinigen, wife of bricklayer Peter Göretz from Ilgesheim
  43. Elis. Widow to Breath, née Bishop, from Münchweiler
  44. Philippine Schneider née Bishop, from Münchweiler, wife of Philipp Schneider from Siegen
  45. Joh. Lorenz Hackenschmied, shoemaker from Münchweiler
  46. Elis. Marg. widow to Merk, née Basold, from Münchweiler
  47. Nikolaus Schan (Jean?), farmer and shepherd, from Münchweiler[disambiguation needed], and his wife Maria Christina née Müller, from Haaskirchen (Harskirchen)
  48. Maria Kath. Wirth, née Breath, born 1773, wife of the farmer Joh. Christian Wirth, from Münchweiler Münchweiler an der AlsenzUsingen in Leinigen House of Leiningen
  49. Gerhardt Breath, born 1737, as above
  50. Jakob Kitsch, farmer, from Mußbach in Pfalz, and his wife Anna Maria Messler
  51. Maria Kath. Anweiler from Niedersalm in Pfalz, wife of the farmer Heinrich Anweiler from Nußloch
  52. Johannes Zorn, farmer from Niedersalm, and his wife Karolina Friedrike Burkhardt from Reichau (Galicia), today: Podlesie, Lubaczów County
  53. Joh. Philipp Zorn, farmer from Niedersalm, wife Elis. Rückert from Orlau in Prussia, today Orłowo by Nidzica
  54. Joh. Gabriel Zorn, farmer from Niedersalm, wife Maria Dorothe Layh from Wachenheim Wachenheim (Pfrimm)
  55. Joh. Philipp Steffen, farmer from Niedersalm, wife Marg. Ritter from Oftersheim
  56. Christoph Harth, widower, born 1769, from Niedersalm
  57. Marie Elis. Layh née Anweiler, from Nußloch in Mittelpfalz (Baden ?), wife of the farmer Konrad Layh from Wachenheim Wachenheim (Pfrimm)
  58. Heinrich Anweiler, farmer from Nußloch, wife Maria Kath.
  59. Elis. Marg. Niebergall from Nußbaum in Mittelpfalz, wife of Georg Daniel Matheiss, born 1781
  60. Margarethe Steffen née Ritter, from Oftersheim, wife of the farmer Joh. Phillip Steffen from Niedersalm.
  61. Ludwig Messerschmied, widower, from Orbis in Nassau - Weilburg House of Nassau-Weilburg
  62. Joh. Rückert, farmer, wife Elis. Dorothe Föllner, from Orlau in Prussia, today Orłowo by Nidzica
  63. Elis. Zorn née Rückert, from Orlau, wife of Joh. Philipp Zorn
  64. Georg Christov Rückert, from Orlau, wife Elis. Marg. Haberstock
  65. Georg Philipp Rückert from Orlau
  66. Tobias Junker, joiner, from Rickertshausen Rockenhausen(?) in Nassau-Usingen
  67. Sara Huth née Horn(in), from Ruchheim by Mutterstadt in Nassau - Weilburg House of Nassau-Weilburg, wife of the joiner Gottfried Huth
  68. Wilh. Lien(e)bach, weaver from Sele in Zweibrücken.
  69. Philipp Schneider, from Siegen in Principality Salm (Fürstentum Salm), and his wife Philippine Bishop from Münchweiler
  70. Anna Marg. Zorn née Romer, from Stadbüden (Stadtecken) in Mittelpfalz
  71. Matheus Harz, from Wachenheim on Pfrimm in Leinigen Wachenheim (Pfrimm), wife Maria Dorothea Walter
  72. Konrad Layh, farmer from Wachenheim Wachenheim (Pfrimm), wife Maria Elis. Anweiler
  73. Heinrich Gerlipp, farmer from Wachenheim Wachenheim (Pfrimm), wife Anna Maria Spang
  74. Maria Dorothea Zorn née Layh, from Wachenheim Wachenheim (Pfrimm), wife of Joh. Gabriel Zorn
  75. Gabriel Keller, farmer from Weitersborn in Baden - Durlach (Winterborn?)
  76. Xaver Beck and Marianna, Winterspur, Donnersberg (Winterborn?)
  77. Anna Maria Kitsch née Messler, from Wrekstadt (Werkstadt), wife of Jakob Kitsch from Mußbach
  78. Joh. Nikolaus Philipps, farmer from Zillingen Zilling, wife Maria Elis. Walter
  79. Maria Christina Hackenschmidt née Philipps, from Zilling.

Most of families originated from the Electorate of the Palatinate (Kurpfalz), in south - westerly Germany (a border region with Lotaringia). Considerably smaller part originated from Lotaringia and Alsace, mostly from counties Nassau, Herzogtum Nassau. From Lotharingia originate :

  • Eschburg, Nassau - Saarbrücken: Georg Joh. Endel and Marie Kath. Kohlenbergin Nikolas Entel + Anna Barbara Berenin
  • Haaskirchen - Harpfkirchen Harskirchen: Margarethe Göretz, née Müller, wife of Wilh. Göretz from Ibelsheim
  • Ipresheim (Ippersheim): Heinrich Müller, husband of Marie Elis. née Hackenschmidt
  • Kirrberg: Kath. Christine Müller, née Bieberin, wife of Ludwig Müller from Hasskirchen
  • Urbach in (county) Grafschaft Grünweiler Grundviller: Joh. Adam Kitsch.
  • Zillingen: Johann Nikolaus Philipps, farmer, husband of Marie Elisabeth née Walterin; (of A. C. Augsburg - Confessional faith) Marie Christine Hackenschmidt née Philipps.

Also some families in Landestreu come from Lotaringia. These are the following families and localities in Lotaringia:

  • Eschburg: Joh. Adam Endel, husband of Margarethe née Dietrich from Hirschfeld
  • Hirschfeld (in Leinigen): Michael Dietrich, husband of Marie Kath. Kullmännin from Göttscheid Marg. Endel née Dietrich, wife of Joh. Adam Endel
  • Stuckenroth: Anna Kath. Baumung (Baumunck) née Wagnerin, wife of Joh. Adam Baumung

In 1820 Stephan Philipps, living in New Kałusz (Neu-Kalusz) had 2,490 jochs, (joch = a unit of cultivated land), of land, and Nikolaus Philipps living at the same place - 2, 4 jochs. The original article you may see on the site:

Original page of the Church Book in Ugarsthal, 1788 year - ChristeningsORIGINAL PAGE OF THE CHURCH BOOK IN UGARSTHAL, 1788 YEAR - CHRISTENINGS

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  • Wielki Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego, Warszawa 1880
  • The count Alois Ugarte was an owner of the palace in Kravsko, Czech Rep.

See: Alois Graf von und zu Ugarte ( d. 1845) was in 1787 – 1802 a Governor (Statthalter) of Moravia (a separate Austrian crownland, German: Markgrafschaft Mähren) – see: Governors of Moravia

  • Herman Schick in his Memories of the Parish Ugartsthal – Landestreu („Zeitweiser der Galiziendeutschen 1976", published also in Newsletter No. 6 of Galizien German Descendants) writes „that Ugartsthal was named after Herr von Ugart, the owner of the lands where the original 40 farms had been laid out"
  • Herman Schick, Memories of the Parish Ugartsthal – Landestreu („Zeitweiser der Galiziendeutschen 1976", published also in Newsletter No. 6 of Galizien German Descendants) – writes that Tespowo comes from the abbreviation TESP, that is Towarzystwo Eksploatacji Soli Potasowej – the Company for Exploration of Salt Mines in Kalusz
  • Gedenkbuch zur Erinnerung an die Einwanderung der Deutschen in Galizien vor 150 Jahren, Poznań 1931,
  • Ludwig Schneider, Das Kolonisationswerk Josefs II. in Galizien, Leipzig 1939. English translation by Leona Rosenmeier (published in GGD #15, July 1998).
  • Geschichte der Deutschen in den Karpathenländern by Kaindl, Raimund Friedrich

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