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Halliwell at a booksigning for Ugenia Lavender

Ugenia Lavender is the title character in a series of children's novels written by Geri Halliwell, who achieved fame as a member of the Spice Girls and as a solo singer-songwriter before deciding to pursue a career as an author. Halliwell began writing the books in 2004.[1] Macmillan Children's Books announced that Halliwell had signed a contract to write six books featuring the character on 12 April 2007.[2]

The first book, Ugenia Lavender, was published on 2 May 2008 in the UK.[3] Subsequent titles and planned release dates are Ugenia Lavender and the Terrible Tiger (6 June 2008), Ugenia Lavender and the Burning Pants (4 July 2008), Ugenia Lavender: Home Alone (1 August 2008), Ugenia Lavender and the Temple of Gloom (5 September 2008) and Ugenia Lavender: The One and Only (3 October 2008).[3]


The books follow the adventures of nine year old Ugenia, a character based on Halliwell,[4] alongside her friends Bronte, Rudy and Trevor.[3] Other characters are said by Halliwell to be loosely based on Gordon Ramsay,[2] George Michael,[5] Marilyn Monroe,[6] Vincent van Gogh,[6] Wayne Rooney[1] and the character Justin Suarez from the TV series Ugly Betty.[1] The character Princess Posh Vattoria, a caricature of Victoria Beckham, was featured in early drafts but has not appeared in the book series.[7]

Each title will feature a newsletter from Ugenia highlighting lessons she has learned,[8] along with quizzes, riddles and crosswords,[3] and will be available in an audio book edition read by Halliwell.[1]

The books are illustrated by Rian Hughes.[3] Children's author Jonny Zucker is also given a special credit on the books, but Halliwell has maintained she wrote the books entirely on her own.[9]


Promotional activities for the series included a launch reading by Halliwell at London Zoo on 27 April 2008[4] and a seven city UK book tour planned in 2008.[10] Halliwell recorded a theme tune for use in advertisements for the books.[8]


A review in the Liverpool Echo described the first book as "eminently readable and exciting".[11] The children's book reviewer in The Observer said it was "good fun" but criticised the quality of the prose.[12]


According to the official site, the book sold more than 250,000 copies in its first five months which made Halliwell 2008’s most successful female celebrity children’s author.[13]


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