Ugo Volt

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Ugo Volt
Developer(s) Move Interactive, Produções de Software S.A.
Director(s) Rogério Silva
Producer(s) Michael Heinz
Designer(s) Ricardo Teixeira
Artist(s) Marco Leal
Writer(s) Rogério Silva
Composer(s) Dyna Media
Engine Unreal Engine 3 [1]
EMotion FX 2 [2]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Release December 2007 (Cancelled)
Genre(s) First-person shooter, Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single Player

Ugo Volt (formerly FLOW: Prospects of Mayhem) was a game developed by Move Interactive S.A. (2005-2008), set in the 22nd century in a post-apocalyptic Lisbon due to global warming. It was also the first Portuguese game to be featured at E3 in 2006.[3]

In 2007, due financial problems, they decide to put Ugo Volt on hold for a time and started to create a new videogame Floribella: The Game in partnership with SIC, with purpose to raise some money to continue Ugo Volt. Unfortunately, after a long battle with the investors to secure funding and losing half the team in the process, Move Interactive eventually gave up and closed down the project. In June 2008, Move Interactive closed.


Ugo Volt tech demo in E3 2006 was powered by in-house engine developed by Move Interactive. In 2007, the company switched to Unreal Engine 3 in an attempt to give the small development team more freedom to focus on the actual game.


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