Ugolny Airport

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Ugolny Airport
Аэропорт Угольный
Airport type Public / Military
Operator Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Chukotavia"
Serves Anadyr
Location Anadyr, Russia
Hub for
Elevation AMSL 194 ft / 59 m
Coordinates 64°44′6″N 177°44′30″E / 64.73500°N 177.74167°E / 64.73500; 177.74167Coordinates: 64°44′6″N 177°44′30″E / 64.73500°N 177.74167°E / 64.73500; 177.74167
DYR is located in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
Location of airport in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
Direction Length Surface
m ft
01/19 3,500 11,483 Concrete

Ugolny Airport (Russian: Аэропорт Угольный) (also Leninka, Ugolnyye Kopi, Ugolnoye) (IATA: DYR, ICAO: UHMA) is a mixed-use military and civil airfield in Siberia located 11 km east of Anadyr, separated from the town by the waters of Anadyrsky Liman. The airfield was originally constructed sometime in the 1950s as a staging base for Long Range Aviation bombers such as the Tupolev Tu-95 and Tupolev Tu-22M (as a so-called 'bounce' airdrome), but during the Cold War years it become the primary hub for civilian flights in the Chukotka region.

The Soviet-built Ilyushin Il-62 was a workhorse of the route from Moscow Domodedovo International Airport to Anadyr for many decades. There is occasional charter aircraft service from Nome, Alaska to Anadyr.

Anadyr's history as a bomber base dates back to the 1950s and the Russian Air Force's OGA (Arctic Control Group) is responsible for maintaining the facility. Interceptors such as the Sukhoi Su-15TM were based at Anadyr from the 1960s to the early 1990s; in 1982, the 171st Fighter Aviation Regiment PVO was transferred from Bombora airfield, Gudauta, in the Abkhazian ASSR of the Georgian SSR to Ugolny.[1] The 171st Regiment reported to the 23rd Air Defence Corps, 11th PVO Army. The regiment was disbanded in 1992. No fighters are currently based there. In 2001 the airfield was visited by Tupolev Tu-95MS and Ilyushin Il-78 aircraft on exercise from Engels air base.

It was featured in the American novel Flight of the Old Dog.

Owing to its geographic location, its long, concrete-reinforced, heavy load-bearing runway, as well as its modern terminal with jet bridges, the airport is well-suited and well-situated for emergency diversion at roughly the midpoint of the northern route trans-Pacific routes. On 2 July 2013 a Korean Air Boeing 777-300 performing a scheduled flight from Chicago to Seoul made an emergency landing at Ugolny after one of its engines had quit in flight.[2]

Airlines and destinations[edit]


Bering AirCharter: Nome
Chukotavia Egvekinot, Keperveyem, Lavrentiya, Markovo, Pevek, Provideniya
Utair Moscow-Vnukovo[3]
Yakutia Airlines Khabarovsk, Magadan[4]

Ground transportation[edit]

The airport is located on the opposite site of the Anadyr River compared to the city. Transport by summer is by boat, by winter by a road on the ice, and for a period in spring and fall, only helicopter. The helicopter ticket was (in 2015) 3,680 rubles ($60).


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