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Also known as Gisle Martens Meyer, Nebular Spool, Shadow of the Beat
Origin Bergen, Norway
Genres Electronica, breakbeat, trip hop, house, alternative dance
Years active 2000 to present
Labels Uncanny Planet Records, Tuba records/Port Azur
Members Gisle Martens Meyer

Ugress is an electronica project from Bergen, Norway, the main project of prolific electronic musician Gisle Martens Meyer (GMM). Among Meyer's other projects are Nebular Spool, Shadow of the Beat and Ninja9000 as well as scoring soundtracks for moving pictures and several TV-shows.

Ugress has released five albums to date. Resound, released in 2002, climbed to the second place on the official Norwegian chart board.[1] A second album, Cinematronics, was released two years later. It reached the third place on the same list.[2] A third Ugress album titled Unicorn was released on January 28, 2008. On June 15, 2009, Ugress released their fourth studio album, called Reminiscience. Collectronics, a compilation album including previously unreleased material, was released in July 2010.

Ugress is notable for providing free mp3-versions of many of its songs through its web page and the web pages of associated acts like Nebular Spool.

The Norwegian word ugress means "weeds" (not as in cannabis).


Ugress's musical style can be related to other artists as The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers and Propellerheads.[citation needed] Some similarities to Röyksopp have been suggested, but Ugress is described as having a more "dirty" style.[citation needed] Ugress uses a lot of sample snippets from various artists, movies (in particular horror and science fiction movies) and TV shows. Ugress is not the only project of Gisle Martens Meyer, it is actually one of several different projects by Uncanny Planet Records.




  • E-Pipe - limited edition 12" (2000)
  • Ugress Promo EP - limited edition CD (2001)
  • Loungemeister - limited edition 12" (2002)
  • Cowboy Desperado - limited edition CD (2005)

Free EPs[edit]

  • Sophisticated Wickedness (February 2006)
  • Retroconnaissance (May 2006)
  • Kosmonaut (October 2006)
  • Chromosome Corrupt (September 2007)
  • Schizophonica (March 2009)
  • Reminiscience (June 2009)


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