Ugrin Csák, Archbishop of Kalocsa

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Ugrin Csák
Archbishop of Kalocsa
Csák Ugrin Kalocsa Halassy.JPG
Sculpture of Ugrin Csák in Kalocsa by Csilla Halassy (2000)
Archdiocese Esztergom
Installed 1219
Term ended April 11, 1241
Predecessor Berthold of Merania
Successor Benedict
Personal details
Died April 11, 1241
Muhi, Kingdom of Hungary
Nationality Hungarian
Denomination Catholic

Ugrin Csák (Hugolin, Ugolin) was archbishop of Kalocsa (Kalocza, Kalocsa-Bacs), Hungary (88 km south of Budapest) from 1219 until his death at the Battle of Mohi (Sajó River) on April 11, 1241.[1]


Ugrin (I) was born into the Újlak branch of the gens Csák as the son of ispán Bás I. His brothers were Bás II and Pós I, who served as master of the treasury.[2] Ugrin was first mentioned by contemporary records in 1217, when he was appointed royal chancellor. In that capacity, he participated in the Fifth Crusade, where accompanied Andrew II to the Holy Land. Formerly Ugrin also took part in the coronation of king Andrew II.

During Ugrin's archiepiscopate, the great hospital in Kalocsa was founded, and the Diocese of Syrmia was established in 1229. During his tenure, the wars against the Patarenes in Bosnia broke out, and, more especially after the establishment of the See of Syrmia, these wars against the Patarenes and other unbelievers were the chief occupation of the archbishops.

Ugrin, Matthias Rátót, archbishop of Esztergom and three other bishops died leading troops against the Mongolo-Tatar army under Batu Khan and Subutai as it attacked the Hungarian camp several hours after crossing the Sajó River.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Berthold of Merania
Archbishop of Kalocsa
1219 – 11 April 1241
Succeeded by