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Genres post-rock, funk
Years active 1990 to mid-2000s
Labels Southern Records
Associated acts Uilab
Members Sasha Frere-Jones,
Clem Waldmann,
Wilbo Wright

Ui (pronounced ooo-eee) is an American post-rock/funk band based in New York City, which started in 1990.[1] The group was started by Sasha Frere-Jones and Clem Waldmann. Wilbo Wright joined the group in 1993. The group's songs are often described as "bass-heavy", as the band frequently uses two bass guitars.[2] Other instruments used by the band include banjo, synthesizers, tuba and timpani. Their music style is described to range between funk, dub and electronica. The group has a high reliance on samplers and other studio equipment to overdub and articulate rhythms.


Full length[edit]

  • Answers (Southern, June 2003)
  • Lifelike (Southern, April 1998)
  • Sidelong (Southern, March 1996)

EPs and remixes[edit]

  • The Iron Apple (Southern, November 1999)
  • Fires as the group name "Uilab" (Bingo; Duophonic Records, February 1998), Ui and Stereolab collaborating on versions of "St Elmo's Fire" by Brian Eno
  • Dropplike (Southern, August 1996), 3 remixes of songs from Sidelong
  • Match My Foot 7" (Soul Static Sound, February 1996)
  • The Sharpie (Soul Static Sound, February 1996)
  • Unlike: Remixes Volume 1 (Lunamoth, November 1995), remixes of material from The 2-Sided EP and Sidelong
  • The 2-Sided EP (Hemiola, December 1993)

Ui have also remixed music for many groups, including Techno Animal, and Microstoria.


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