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Hangul 왕후, 왕석후
Hanja 王煦, 王釋煦
Revised Romanization Wang Hu, Wang Sukhu
Courtesy name
Hangul 의천
Hanja 義天
Revised Romanization Uicheon

Uicheon (28 September 1055 – 5 October 1101) was a Korean Buddhist monk who founded the Cheontae school of Buddhism.[1] He was the son of King Munjong of Goryeo.[2] He lived at Ryongtongsa in Kaesong for much of his life and was buried there, where his tomb can be found today.

From 1073 to 1090 he collected Tripiṭaka commentaries from Korea, China, the Khitan Empire and Japan, which were published as the "Goryeo Catalog of Sutras" (or "Goryeo Supplement to the Canon").[3]

Guksa was his title (‘National Preceptor’), while Daegak was his posthumous Dharma name, meaning "Grand Enlightenment".

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