Uijong of Goryeo

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Uijong of Goryeo
Revised RomanizationUijong
Birth name
Revised RomanizationWang Hyeon
McCune–ReischauerWang Hyŏn
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationIlseung

Uijong (23 May 1127 – 7 November 1173) (r. 1146–1170) was the 18th monarch of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He honored his advisors with many ceremonies but hated the warriors, often forcing them to participate in martial arts competitions for the entertainment of himself and the civil officials, as well as assigning them petty portions during land distributions. He also was often drunk, further angering the warriors. Finally, in the autumn of 1170, after constant discriminations, the rage of the military officials burst. Three warriors (Jeong Jung-bu, Yi Ui-bang, Yi Go) and others, started a military revolt, murdering the civil officials, deposing King Uijong, and appointing a new king in his place.

He was preceded by Injong and succeeded by Myeongjong.


  • Father: King Injong of Goryeo (29 October 1109 – 10 April 1146) (고려 인종)
    • Grandfather: King Yejong of Goryeo (11 February 1079 – 15 May 1122) (고려 예종)
    • Grandmother: Queen Sundeok of the Incheon Lee clan (? – 5 September 1118) (순덕왕후 이씨)
  • Mother: Queen Gongye of the Jangheung Im clan (7 September 1109 – November 1183) (공예왕후 임씨)[1]
    • Grandfather: Im Won-Hu (1089 – 1156) (임원후)
  • Consorts:
  1. Queen Janggyeong of the Kim clan (장경왕후 김씨)[2][3]
    1. Wang Ki, Crown Prince Hyoryeong (March 1149 – ?) (왕기 효령태자)[4]
    2. Princess Gyeongdeok (경덕궁주)[5]
    3. Princess Anjeong (안정궁주)[6]
    4. Princess Hwasun (화순궁주)[7] [8]
  2. Queen Jangseon of the Jiksan Choi clan (장선왕후 최씨)[9]
  3. Royal Consort Mu-Bi (무비)

Popular culture[edit]


  1. ^ Known then as Dowager Queen Gongye (恭睿太后 공예태후).
  2. ^ She is part of the Gaeseong Wang clan (開城王氏 개성왕씨), but since the royal family is also of the same clan lineage (she is the great-granddaughter of King Munjong on her father's side), she is officially declared as part of the Kim clan (金氏 김씨), which is her stepmother's clan. But once she became Queen Consort her true lineage was still recognized (History of Goryeo, Volume 17, Uijong's 3rd year, April 1152: "戊寅 王妃王氏生元子.").
  3. ^ Daughter of Wang On (王溫 왕온), Lord Gangneung (江陵公 강릉공).
  4. ^ His first name was Wang Hong (王泓 왕홍).
  5. ^ Later married Wang Pyeong (王評 왕평).
  6. ^ Later married Wang Bak (王璞 왕박).
  7. ^ She's also known as Princess Sunhwa (順和宮主 순화궁주)
  8. ^ Later married Wang Myeon (王沔 왕면).
  9. ^ Daughter of Choe Dan (崔端 최단).


  • 의종 (in Korean). Doosan Encyclopedia.
Uijong of Goryeo
Born: 23 May 1127 Died: 7 November 1173
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Goryeo
Succeeded by