Uisce (album)

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Studio album by Non-Intentional Lifeform
Released 1997
Genre Rock
Label Roadrunner

Uisce (pronounced ish-ka) was the name of the first and only album by Australian hard rock band Non-Intentional Lifeform. "Uisce" is the Gaelic word for water; the band's singer, Declan de Barra is from Ireland.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Hooligan Was a Last Name"
  2. "Life by Proxy"
  3. "Living or Existing?"
  4. "Spilling All Over the Floor"
  5. "Farm Animals"
  6. "Fingertips"
  7. "Signal"
  8. "Uisce"
  9. "Slowly but Surely"
  10. "Che Guevara's Armchair"
  11. "Sample of Semen"
  12. "Pissing Silver"
  13. "Sister Julienne"
  14. "Hate"
  15. "The Emperor's New Sores"