Uisce Beatha (band)

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Uisce Beatha
Origin London, Ontario, Canada
Genres Folk rock
Years active 1990s
Past members
  • Alan Glen
  • John Glen
  • Paul Meadows
  • Damian Morrissy
  • Doug Watt
  • Marty Coles
  • Patrick McLaughlin

Uisce Beatha was a Canadian folk rock band in the 1990s.[1] Formed in 1988 in London, Ontario but based in Halifax, Nova Scotia after 1993,[2] the band consisted of Alan Glen on lead vocals and banjo, John Glen on mandolin and tin whistle, Paul Meadows on fiddle and harp, Damian Morrissy on bass guitar, Doug Watt on guitar and Marty Coles on drums (later replaced by Patrick McLaughlin).[2] The band took its name from the Irish name for whisky, meaning water of life.

The band released two albums and two EPs as Uisce Beatha, and toured regularly in both Canada and Germany.

They were sued in 1997 by a Scottish distillery over rights to the band name, and subsequently changed their name to Red.[3] They released one further album under that name, but subsequently broke up.[4]



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