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Map of Azerbaijan showing Ucar rayon

Ujar Rayon (Ucar Rayonu[1]) is a rayon (administrative district) of Azerbaijan, situated to the south of Goycay, 240 km out of Baku, in the centre of the country. This region contains the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline to the south of the Shirvan plain. There are 32 villages and 1 city in Ucar. The largest communities are Qazyan, Müsüslü and Qarabörk.

As of 2009, Ujar Rayon had an estimated population of 77,900 people, of which 22% were urban dwellers and 78% rural.[2] The population is 99.7% Azerbaijanis.[citation needed]


The name Ucar derives from the Turkic word "Ucqar" meaning "remote", as Ucar was remote from the Shirvanshah capital at Baku, and on the frontier of the Shirvan state.[3]

The Ujar Rayon was created on 24 January 1939 as an independent administrative unit from part of Goychay region.[4]


Chief executives[edit]

  • Gyulyushov, Nariman oglu Ibish - from 1994(?) to 29 March 2005
  • Gafurov, Arzu Telman oglu - from 29 March 2005 to 5 April 2010[5]
  • Mamedov, Yashar oglu Qahraman - since 5 April 2010[6]
  • Mamedov, Mansur Hamza oglu - since 27 January 2015


Ujar Rayon is divided into twenty-nine municipalities.

  1. Ujar Municipality is coëxtensive with the city of Ucar
  2. Məlikballı Municipality
  3. Müsüslü Municipality
  4. Qarabörk Municipality
  5. Qazyan Municipality
  6. Gazigumlag Municipality
  7. Ramal Municipality
  8. Garadaghli Municipality
  9. Alpout Municipality
  10. Gazyan Municipality
  11. Lak Municipality
  12. Boyat Municipality
  13. Khelej Municipality
  14. Upper Shilyan Municipality
  15. Mususlu Municipality
  16. Garajalli Municipality
  17. Bergushad Municipality
  18. Upper Chiyni Municipality
  19. Gulabend Municipality
  20. Garabork Municipality
  21. Resteje Municipality


Coordinates: 40°30′N 47°39′E / 40.500°N 47.650°E / 40.500; 47.650