Ujh River

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The Ujh river (sometimes spelled Ujjh) is the second-most important river of Kathua district in the India state of Jammu and Kashmir. It rises from the Domal Structure of Seojdhar of the middle Himalayan ranges. The length of the river in the district is 65 kilometres (40 mi) and the average width is about 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi)

The main tributaries of the Ujh river are the Naaz and Bhinni Nallahs of Billawar. Ujh Barrage is constructed on this river at Jasrota village. The water of Ujh river is used for drinking, irrigation and to feed a number of small canals and khuls of the district. It is also used to transport timber from hills to the plains and provides construction materials such as sand and stones Ujh is a branch of Ravi river that comes from Ramkot side of Jammu, passes through Kathua and enters Pakistan.[1]


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