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uk4u-Thanks! is a UK-based charity which sends Christmas Boxes to all members of the UK's Armed Forces serving overseas or in hospital at Christmas. It is run by four Director Trustees and is supported by the Ministry of Defence.

In 2009 24,500 'Square Stockings' were sent to personnel all over the world, making use of spare capacity within the military supply chain.[1] Slightly fewer boxes will be dispatched in the Autumn of 2010 containing 'a variety of items that are gender free, that will not cause offence and that will not perish whilst en route'. All the contents will have been approved by the MoD prior to packing [2]

The charity is notable both because it works very closely with the MoD and picks up on a history dating from 1914, when Princess Mary set up a 'Christmas Gift Fund' to send a 'gift from the nation' to everyone wearing the King's uniform and serving overseas on Christmas Day, Its work is seen as indicative of more general public support for the work of the Armed Forces.[3] [4]

The charity uk4u-Thanks! was established in 2005 and it has enjoyed the support of a large number of companies within the Defence Sector. Additional sponsors are always welcome.[5]

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