Ukaan language

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Native to Nigeria
Region Ondo State
Native speakers
(18,000 cited 1973)[1]
  • Ukaan proper
  • Igau
  • Ayegbe (Iisheu)
  • Iinno (Iyinno)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kcf
Glottolog ukaa1243[2]

Ukaan (also Ikan, Anyaran, Auga, or Kakumo) is an undocumented and sparsely described Niger–Congo language or dialect cluster of uncertain affiliation.[3][4] Roger Blench suspects, based on wordlists, that it may be closest to the (East) Benue–Congo languages (or, equivalently, the most divergent of the Benue–Congo languages). Blench (2012) states that "noun-classes and concord make it look Benue-Congo, but evidence is weak."[5]

The name Anyaran is from the town of Anyaran, where it is spoken. Ukaan has several divergent dialects: Ukaan proper, Igau, Ayegbe (Iisheu), Iinno (Iyinno), which may only have one-way intelligibility in some cases.


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