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Ukala (Ang Walang Suko)
Page for first release in Pilipino Komiks, 1950s.
Publication information
Publisher Pilipino Komiks
Genre see below
Publication date 1950s
Main character(s) Ukala
Creative team
Created by Alfredo Alcala

Ukala (Ang Walang Suko), meaning "Ukala (The Unrelenting)" [i.e. the one who doesn't give up] was a comic strip title in Philippine comics. The main character in the comic book story is Ukala. Ukala was created in the 1950s by distinguished Filipino illustrator Alfredo Alcala. Ukala, the character, was a Native American Indian or "Amerindian".[1] The story, written and illustrated by Alcala for Filipino readers, was about the adventures of Native American Indians set at a timeline when the first Europeans arrived[2] in the Northwestern region of the American continent.[3][4] Ukala was adapted into film[1] as Ukala (Ang Walang Takot), meaning "Ukala (The Fearless)" in the Tagalog language.[2] It appeared on the pages of the Philippine comic book named Pilipino Komiks.

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