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Ukert crater 4102 h1 4102 h2.jpg
Mosaic of Lunar Orbiter 4 images
(white spots are blemishes on original image)
Coordinates 7°48′N 1°24′E / 7.8°N 1.4°E / 7.8; 1.4Coordinates: 7°48′N 1°24′E / 7.8°N 1.4°E / 7.8; 1.4
Diameter 23 km
Depth 2.9 km
Colongitude 359° at sunrise
Eponym Friedrich A. Ukert
Ukert crater, from GRAIL spacecraft
Ukert crater (right of center) is younger than the linear hills of Imbrium Sculpture that it overprints
View from Apollo 17

Ukert is a lunar impact crater that lies on a strip of rugged ground between Mare Vaporum to the north and Sinus Medii in the south, it is named after Friedrich August Ukert. It is located to the north-northwest of the crater Triesnecker and northeast of the crater pair of Pallas and Murchison.

The outer rim of this crater is not quite circular, with outward bulges to the north and the east. The interior floor is irregular in places, with a central ridge running from crater midpoint down to the southern wall. There is a tiny craterlet along the northern rim, but otherwise the crater contains no impacts of note.

Ukert crater is well known for its Lunar V appearance, during the first quarter Moon, and when the sun is at high angle on the surface.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Ukert.

Ukert Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 8.7° N 1.3° E 9 km
B 8.3° N 1.3° E 21 km
E 9.0° N 0.4° E 5 km
J 11.1° N 0.6° W 3 km
K 6.5° N 3.7° E 4 km
M 7.9° N 2.3° E 26 km
N 7.6° N 2.0° E 17 km
P 7.8° N 2.9° E 5 km
R 8.2° N 0.7° E 18 km
V 8.7° N 3.2° E 3 km
W 9.5° N 2.3° E 3 km
X 9.2° N 1.9° E 3 km
Y 10.1° N 0.2° E 4 km


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